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It’s been a long time how have you been?


Linkin Park will start off the live shows for One More Light with a TV promotional performance at the Late Late Show. This is the of course not the first time that the band has performed on a American late night talk show.

The first one being in 2001 when they performed One Step Closer on Late Night with Conan O Brien. 2003 brought them over to Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing a eight song set, with only Faint and Numb being shown on tv, you can watch the full performance on YouTube. They returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2007 when promoting Minutes to Midnight, performing a longer but not entirely full set. The two songs from that performance shown on TV were What I’ve Done and Bleed It Out. Again they returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2012, this time for promotion of LIVING THINGS. This time their performance was spilt up in two nights. The band recorded 6 songs on June 27th, with BURN IT DOWN and Faint being shown that night. On June 28th, LIES GREED MISERY and New Divide were shown. I don't know why there aren't any pro-shots of those two last songs on YouTube, but if someone has a link to them, please post them. In 2013, Mike, Chester, and Steve Aoki stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform A Light That Never Comes. You can watch a performance of that here. 2014 had the band again set to return to Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the band had to cancel their performance. Instead they recorded three songs for Kimmel when they played their release show for The Hunting Party. Those songs were Guilty All The Same, Until It’s Gone, and Wastelands.

Now let’s just sit back and enjoy their performance on Late Night back in 2001.

THERE HASN’T BEEN A LIVE LINKIN PARK SHOW SINCE 2015. Yes, that’s right. 2016 was the only year in their history that they didn’t play a live show as a full band. I have to put ”as a full band” in there because Chester and Joe went rogue, got on a plane to China, and performed a two song set in front of a bunch of Mercedes people. That makes me even hesitant to call it a Linkin Park performance, but hey, I included Mike and Chesters performance of A Light That Never Comes up there, so I guess this makes it as well.

The last show that the full band performed, was at Relief Live. The show was a 10 year anniversary of Music for Relief and the band played a twelve song set. The band were joined by Page Hamilton on Bleed It Out and Faint, and even though he was featured on All For Nothing on The Hunting Party, that song was not played. On What I’ve Done and Numb, Adrian Young came out and played with the band. Numb also featured Mark Hoppus on extra bass and vocals. Mike and Chester again joined Steve Aoki during his set to perform A Light That Never Comes and Darker Than Blood.

Enjoy this video of Darker Than Blood from the show

The last kind of performance we saw from Linkin Park was the Facebook live stream they did on February 16th. Mike, Chester, Brad, and Kiiara performed a three song set, consisting of Crawling, Heavy, and BURN IT DOWN. This was the first performance of Heavy, coming just a few hours after it premiered online and on the radio. Even though it was just two weeks ago, I think we all need a reminder of that set. And of Mike singing his rap verse on BURN IT DOWN … because that shit’s awesome!

So what do you think this performance will entail? We know that Kiiara is joining them at the performance, so Heavy is guaranteed to be performed, but will they maybe record more songs? And if they do, will it be old classics like New Divide, What I’ve Done or BURN IT DOWN? Or will it be new songs? In a recent livestream Brad said they’re rehearsing more than just Heavy.

What do you think will happen at the show? Will the band be featured in Carpool Karaoke? Will they perform more than just Heavy? Come and discuss in our forums.

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Today Linkin Park live streamed their rehearsal to YouTube and it was amazing. The band are having fun with their new single Heavy and play it in a few different styles including Island Vibes, Nu-Metal and some kind of Swing version. Kiiara can also be seen hanging out but doesn't get involved. Check out the clips below.

Heavy (Swing Version)

Heavy (Island Vibes)

Heavy (Nu-Metal Version)

Highlights include Chester saying "everybody on the dancefloor!" before the Island Vibes version. Mike repeating "EVERYTHING'S ABOUT ME" in traditional LP fashion and Chester saying "There's your fucking Hybrid Theory now shut the fu-" before the video abruptly ends.

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Linkin Park will be performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden this coming Monday, February 27th. The band are listed to appear alongside Sara Bareilles and Dr. Phil. Filming will take place at 4:00PM in Los Angeles but tickets are already sold out for the episode listed here.

It's expected that the band will perform Heavy with Kiiara but it's not uncommon for more songs to be performed live depending on the venue. James Corden could also interview the band and have them take part in sketches for the show but a performance is guaranteed regardless.
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Linkin Park are setting up to release their seventh studio album 'One More Light' this coming May 19th with the first single 'Heavy' dropping just last week. The band, often known for taking risks and defying genre, appear to be making no exceptions with their next record. We got the chance to ask Mike Shinoda a few questions about the new album and he was awesome enough to take the time to answer them. What can fans expect from 'One More Light'? How does the album differ from their past work? In what capacity did they use outside artists and just how did the jump from 'The Hunting Party' to 'One More Light' come to be? Read our brief interview below to find out all this and more.

LPA: We've seen the band touch on this record as a very 'personal' record. You've mentioned that connotations of family led you to choose the album cover, for instance. But you all have put out songs before which were deeply personal. What's different about this record? Is family a theme we can expect to be explored more explicitly than previous albums?

Mike Shinoda [Linkin Park]: In a way, this album is personal because it's more specific. Maybe because each song started with concept and lyrics. Often on One More Light, the words paint a picture which puts you in a time and place. For example, on Halfway Right, Chester sings, "I used to get high with the dead end kids / in abandoned houses where the shadows live." That's a very specific image, and probably one that wouldn't appear on any of our other albums.

LPA: With the final tracklist revealed, it appears that a lot of the songs are the same working titles we saw on the board when the process began. Do you think this is down to your approach of writing the lyrics before you made the music this time, so instead you had a naming scheme based on the words you were writing rather than the sounds you were making?

MS: Yep, the song titles were there from the start on this album, because the words came first. On other albums, I'd start a song with music, so I'd have to come up with a random word to name the song file in the computer. But on this album, all titles are words in the songs.

LPA: We've heard you talk about the sombre nature of the title track 'One More Light' - hinting that it will be a truly raw song, full of emotion. With this album being so personal, what were some of the challenges you faced in writing it? Can you point to any other moments or tracks on this album that you think listeners may find challenging or unexpected?

MS: The song One More Light is a stripped down track, inspired by the passing away of a friend. It's the heart of the album in a way, maybe because of its minimalism, maybe because of the subject and execution. It's about loss, connection, and the myriad complex emotions that come along with this type of story.​

LPA: As with every album Linkin Park puts out, you're always going to divide some of the fan base. In the press for 'One More Light' you said that you don't rap as much on this album but sing more. You also noted how there's no screaming on this record or *really* heavy guitars. Was that a conscious decision you made during the process or are there songs you recorded that you deliberately chose not to include with the final ten because they perhaps didn't fit in with the final overall tone and message you wanted to create for this album?

MS: We didn't really care about genre. The sonic choices we made on this album were intended to best serve each song. We just focused on the words and melodies that felt most special to us, then supported those with the sounds that felt like they supported the song and created the best soundscape to get the idea across. At the end of the day, I think you can hear that we weren't aiming for it to fit into a box, and that's one thing I like about it.

LPA: During the writing process for 'One More Light' we saw a number of artists mentioned, hinted at or seen in the studio who could have been potential collaborations for the album, including The Chainsmokers, Blackbear and Conner Youngblood among others. With the final tracklist noting the only feature as Kiiara, can you shed some light on if any of these came to fruition even as strictly writing credits on the new album? Blackbear posted a snapchat last year from the studio that many believe to be 'Sorry for Now', is this the case and was he involved in any way?

MS: Generally, here's how it would work: we'd get in the room with someone, and start on something from scratch with them. We worked mostly in the same way we always write songs, but with extra firepower in the room. I think you already know some of the collaborators on the album: Andrew Dawson, Eg White, Justin Parker, RAC, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter.

On Sorry For Now, I had a finished vocal and a rough track that the whole band liked, but we all thought the track could use some spice. We invited Blackbear and Andrew Goldstein in with me, Chester, and Brad, and we created this vocal sample drop together that took the song to a whole new level. It was really fun having people with different perspectives and talents in the room each time.​

LPA: Prior to the release of The Hunting Party, you lamented the state of rock music at the time - that perhaps there was a lacking presence of the visceral, guitar-heavy rock that you and the band, and so many of us, grew up on. In doing so, you also lamented a bit of the 'poppier' sounds coming out of more alternative and indie rock bands. But some fans and music journalists have seen 'Heavy' as more of a 'Poppy' song that is more accessible to the mainstream, radio audience than some of your earlier works. Was The Hunting Party meant to be more of a statement in the context of the musical scene, and what would you say to fans who might be scratching their heads at the new record considering the metal-driven almost 'anti-pop' mentality of the last one?

MS: Great question. Think of a gallery painter's shows--each exhibition is its own statement, inspired by where they're at in the moment and what's going on around them. We're not McDonalds, we don't make the same thing over and over. In order for us to be happy, we have to be experimenting and pushing the boundaries of who the band is and what we do. Sometimes that means wild direction changes. Besides, anyone who thinks our band is synonymous with a genre isn't actually very familiar with the band. We're proud to be able to play comfortably on stage with Paul McCartney, Metallica, Jay-Z, and Steve Aoki. Who else can do that?

LPA: We're not sure if this is something you're aware of, but from an outsider's perspective, it seems that the 'One More Light' cycle may be the first time we're seeing this particular side of the band. You guys genuinely seem comfortable, happy and excited about where you're at right now and it feels like this is showing through not only your interviews but the music as well. There's almost like an optimism to everything you're doing. Is there any merit to this?

MS: Just like anyone, the 6 guys in the band are complex and human. They have good days, bad days, and everything in between. I think one thing about this album and the place we're at, is that we're comfortable with ourselves, and comfortable with sharing our experiences and art in a way that we haven't before. I think that's what makes One More Light special, and I can't wait for people to hear it.


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Linkin Park will be releasing a physical 2 track single of their new single Heavy feat. Kiiara on March 10th, 2017. The listing has appeared on the Warner Music Catalogue Site which is known for listing releases from the band. What's notable about the CD is that it will include an instrumental version of Heavy, as this isn't available yet this will be the first time we'd hear it.


As is the case with most CD singles this may only be released in Europe but we will update when it's available and we have more information.

In a Twitter Q&A last night Chester also said we can expect an acapella version of Heavy "soon".

Source: Warner Music Catalogue via LPLive

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Linkin Park have released their brand new single from their upcoming album One More Light. The new song 'HEAVY' features Kiiara and has been promoted for weeks via numerous studio clips and teasers from the band on You can finally hear the full song via the lyrics video below, along with the single cover art.

Download / Stream

Heavy is the debut single from Linkin Park's seventh studio album 'One More Light' which is set for release May 19, 2017.

What do you think of HEAVY (FEAT. KIIARA)? Let us know on our forums!

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Linkin Park have announced their brand new album will be titled 'One More Light' and will be releasing May 19th, 2017. Their website has been updated with new information about the album with a number of preorder options. These include CD packages, vinyl packages and deluxe packages that include a 48-page hard cover album art book with photos from the album.

The album includes 10 tracks and you can see the One More Light tracklist below.

MAY 19, 2017

01 Nobody Can Save Me
02 Good Goodbye
03 Talking to Myself
04 Battle Symphony
05 Invisible
06 Heavy Ft. Kiiara
07 Sorry for Now
08 Halfway Right
09 One More Light
10 Sharp Edges


Additionally, every pre-order includes a digital download of the album delivered on street date and an instant download of the digital single “Heavy” FEAT. Kiiara.

CD + LPU Membership

  • One More Light CD
  • LPU Digital Membership
VINYL + LPU Membership

  • One More Light Vinyl
  • LPU Digital Membership
CD Bundle

  • One More Light CD
  • Exclusive OML T-Shirt
  • Limited Silver Linkin Park Logo Enamel Pin
  • LPU Digital Membership
Vinyl Bundle

  • One More Light Vinyl
  • Exclusive OML T- Shirt
  • Limited Silver LP Hex Linkin Park Logo Enamel pin
  • LPU Digital Membership

  • Limited Edition 48-page hardcover Book, featuring all the best photos from the album package, blown up super big so you can see all the gritty details—plus all the lyrics, and the physical CD. Once these sell out, they’re gone.
  • One-of-a-kind 2.4" x 1.8” instant photo. These are not reproductions—each photo was taken of the band, by the band and staff ourselves! A serious collector’s item.
  • LP Limited Edition Collector’s Enamel Pin Set -- In Gold: Linkin Park Pin, LP Hex Logo Pin, One More Light ‘OML’ Logo Pin
- - - All of the above will be bound inside a special One More Light Super Deluxe box - - -
  • One More Light Vinyl
  • Exclusive One More Light T-Shirt
  • Instantaneous Digital Download of the new single “Heavy"
  • One More Light Digital Album Audio Files (Delivered on release day)
  • All of the awesome
Google Play

Which package will you be ordering and how excited are you for 'One More Light' Let us know and join the discussion on our forums!

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Today is officially Linkin Park day and Mike is doing a full press tour to promote Heavy and One More Light. This thread will catalogue and roundup all interview highlights.


Mike recently appeared on The Zach Sang show to discuss all sorts of topics including the new album and single 'HEAVY' feat. Kiiara. Confirms the album will be titled 'One More Light' and the "acoustic, stripped down and beautiful" track on the album it's named after. The album is confirmed to be releasing May 19th, 2017. Watch the full 30+ minute interview below.

- Mike talks about how the Kiiara collaboration came about
- HEAVY was already written before Kiiara came in
- This is the first album where they brought in external writers (Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels etc)
- They approached the studio with "what do I want to write about today, what's on my mind"
- The collaborations had to feel like "being in the room with friends", sometimes things didn't click
- They met with 30 or 40 artists in total
- Mike talks about working with other artists with different writing styles
- They chose HEAVY because it was a core song that sounds like the album "the album sounds like that song"
- HEAVY is described as "timely" and it's about "when it rains it pours", a situation where everything is going wrong, whether it be a death in the family, what's happening in the news.
- Mike tells a story about his son flooding his home.
- Explains the line "I keep dragging around what's bringing me down if I just leg go I'd be set free"
- Mike describes his vice as being productive and not getting enough sleep
- Talks about how he would drink when he was younger but now he focuses on family time
- Talks about what they did differently on the new album than the past albums
- They wanted the common thread of the album to be them so they produced it themselves
- Sometimes they don't know how to play their own song even when it's done
- Story first. Hook second. Then everything else including sounds.
- Mike says he's going to stick with this style of working because it was awesome
- Says that this style of working doesn't always have to result in how this album sounds
- Mike talks about collaborating on other artist's work
- New Album Titled 'One More Light' Releasing May 19th
- One More Light is named after a song on the album also titled 'One More Light'
- Mike tells the story about what inspired 'One More Light', inspired about a friend's death and showing you care
- 'One More Light' had to be more than just a song, so they made it the album title as it's an important song for the band
- Mike talks about playing the song at an event and people were weeping
- The song 'One More Light' is very stripped, acoustic with loops of piano and guitar, no percussion. The only song like that on the album
- Mike says he raps less but sings more on this album
- Mike says Chester is the best vocal coach to have as he's the best
- Mike says Chester's vocals will blow your mind on this album
- Mike says there are still some surprises up their sleeve for the new album, and he will talk about them after they have heard the album


- Mike says this album is almost the opposite of The Hunting Party
- Mike says this record is more accessible
- Mike says they'll be playing venues that aren't full live shows for the new tour


- Mike says that this is a very diverse record with tons of genres on it
- No super heavy guitars
- No screaming on the album



- Mike says the album art was chosen because of the family aspect as the album has a lot to do with that
Source: Zach Sang Show via Dryft

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Mike will be heading to the KROQ Studio tomorrow for The Kevin & Bean Show to help premiere the new Linkin Park single 'Heavy' featuring Kiiara. It seems the interview will be live streamed on KROQ's Facebook page and will begin at 7:15AM PST. Later in the day Linkin Park have their own Special Live Event streaming on Facebook at 12PM PST .

Mike Shinoda will be stopping by the KROQ Studios Thursday morning at 7:15am to chat with The Kevin & Bean Show and help premiere new music from Linkin Park! Tune in or watch the interview live on

Let us know if you're excited for the premiere of the brand new Linkin Park single on the forums!

Source: KROQ via LPLive

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Linkin Park have revealed a brand new logo via the social media pages of the LP Ambassadors (fans and communities chosen by the band to represent their respective countries) and their latest video clip. The logo shown below has started to surface across multiple twitter accounts and is representative of the logo Linkin Park will be using going forward.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
What do you think of the updated logo for the new album cycle? Let us know by discussing it in our forums!