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    Hi people, Im like, brand new and everything. Fresh outta the package. Got that new car smell and everything!
    Sorry bout that, but I really do smell like a new car, which is freaking me out.
    So, I have a question....

    How come everyone here, seems to know each other. Is like everybody from the same ultra huge city and goes to the same school?

    Hey, Im making and effort here to make friends, considering I have hardly any cause I "scare people"

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    Welcome . I'm Deb and no we don't all live in an ultra big city . We have all just been here a while and got to know each other. Read the rules and behave yourself and you will eventualy get to know people and make friends
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    ok thank you nice person
    I&#39;ll be a good little girl and read all the rules and double check my answers like a math test... oh, wait. nevermind.... :whistle:

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    Originally posted by Ginjarulez@May 2 2004, 06:40 PM
    We have all just been here a while and got to know each other.

    Welcome to the LPA. Please be sure to read the rules. If you post and stay around long enough, you will get to know everyone here.
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    Why is it that I&#39;ve been here noticably longer than E.C.P. and Ginjarulez, yet know neither. :wth:

    Oh well, they are right, I do know quite a few people on here. It&#39;s just like a ultra big city though, we all come here a lot and visit with eachother and talk about common interest.

    Anyways, welcome to the LPA. Have fun posting, and if you have any questions PM a mod/admin. (The guys in red

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    Welcome to the LPA, please read the rules and well have fun&#33;

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    welcome to the forums im katie.

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    Welcome to the forums&#33; Have fun here and you&#39;ll soon be a citizen of our little LPA town.

    Yes, I&#39;m a dork.

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    hey, I guess i&#39;m a little late but anyways, Welcome&#33; have a very great time here...hmm, I think you already do. I&#39;m Leonie.

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    welcome i&#39;m Muna ... READ THE RULS MY FRIEND

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