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    May 2012
    Due to the scavanger hunt.

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    I have been following LPA probably since it started but just decided to join today. It has always been one of the best LP fansites and the only one I still regularly go to.
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    Michael Kenji Shinoda's Twitter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anelle Botha
    you naughty boy

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    Well I'm not exactly new but I never got the chance to answer this question

    I think my first visits to the LPA were for lyrics, I kinda remember this site had some awesome LP lyrics, by the time (circa 2003~04) I didn't speak english very well so I needed "help" in order to learn Linkin Park songs. I still do, actually, especially with rapping but I'm trying to quit the bad habit of looking for lyrics directly and start figuring them out on my own.

    Then after that, I think it was around the Minutes to Midnight cycle that I started "lurking" and checked for news. The site also proved to be VERY useful by the ATS puzzle cycle. It wasn't until recent months that I finally decided to post and become more regular, and it's awesome! I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but what the heck, here I am anyway

    So that's my story! xD

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    I'm a new fan of Linkin Park btw.
    I'm joining a LP fans - Group on facebook and it often refers to LPA while updating news.
    But it was the Linkin Park scavenger hunt which made me interested to came here more often. I read most of the comments to see how the progress was. Then wondering it would be fun to join the forum.

    Hey it's my first post

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    Your Wiki. ;p P.S thanks for the information on my current Linkin Parkious studious.

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    I think due to the Burn It Down puzzle... Somebody mentioned this site on the official German site (
    Of course a fansite posts more news and the discussions are a bit more mature (not as much fangirling, etc.), too, so I registered.

    Oh, and I kan improve mi englisch skillz!
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    believe it or not. I found LPA after I watched le Youtube video below :3

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    Feb 2011
    Lagos, Nigeria
    I got pissed off at the mess had become after the release of ATS, so went about searching for a new LP fansite, and here I came.
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    From the Lost In The Echo wiki page believe it or not

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    I found this site through Twitter when Linkin Park was recording A thousand Suns. Haven't really been active in posting, but I do read a lot of threads here

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    Through LPL

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    I came from LPRussia

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    I think it was from I'm not quite sure though

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    well i found about this site some minutes ago and i loved it and well i m newbie my name is sanjukta and i m frm INDIA in m for 13 years old and i hope they have a tour here

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    Vdalem's Cookies!

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    Saw this site for a while, but decided to join now for some reason. I needed a place to talk about LP, because YouTube comments weren't cutting it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starclops View Post
    Saw this site for a while, but decided to join now for some reason. I needed a place to talk about LP, because YouTube comments weren't cutting it
    Welcome! You will find that we are much more respectful here than the comments on Youtube.

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    I found this site via LPU. I first became a member of LPU in July 2012, I guess, and I was active for a while but it didn't really feel like home. Anyway, a few days ago I ended up renewing my membership and decided to be more active this time. I started posting on the forums but there wasn't that much going on there. I stumbled upon a thread in which people discussed how to revive the forums and some people mentioned LPLive and this site. So I came here and started sniffing around. None of my friends are into Linkin Park so I have no one to talk to in real life. Well I do talk to my brother about LP but I think he's not very interested. So this is a good place for me I guess. I joined LPLive, too, but haven't posted anything yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrskytyyhty View Post
    None of my friends are into Linkin Park so I have no one to talk to in real life.
    i know that feeling

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