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    What's a 'Grey Daze'?
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    Feb 2004
    OK first of all I'm not asking for MP3s. so please don't lock this
    I was thinking, is there a LEGAL way to get those rare songs like: Morning after, carousel, step up, system, and others. I've heard of kaaza a paying site, but is it worth it, thanks.

    and even if this gets lock, my apoligies.

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    bread crumbs & white stones
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    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    So... I'll keep searching for a place called home:
    I'll rip my roots from this earth into the unknown.
    Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught?
    This mystery, this misery is killing me.
    So, now, I'll leave behind a murder scene.
    My life isn't real; it's just a silhouette—
    and, when the sun goes down, I won't exist.

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