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    Here you go everybody...

    Metal Edge: Your working on a video now right?
    Mike Shinoda: Yeah we are working on "Breaking the Habit" right now.

    Metal Edge: Will it be ready for the start of the tour?
    Mike Shinoda: Actually, this video is going to be animated, so we want to get a little bit of a head start on it. I am not sure when it's going to be done, probably later in the tour.

    Metal Edge: Is the animation something that the band will be doing themselves?
    Mike Shinoda: Actually, Joe contacted a couple of other companies, and is basically working with other people who do this all the time. We wouldn't want to jump into trying to learn animation. I know how difficult it is, and how much fineness is involved in putting together something like that, and there is no way we could do that. So far, it has been really great, Joe has got the concept together. It's funny, because I could tell somebody we are doing an animated video, and that could mean anything from Kill Bill to the Care Bears. At this point, we are going for something a little darker.

    I love it.
    I <3 Roller Derby

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    Thanks, Anya. The news has been posted.
    So... I'll keep searching for a place called home:
    I'll rip my roots from this earth into the unknown.
    Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught?
    This mystery, this misery is killing me.
    So, now, I'll leave behind a murder scene.
    My life isn't real; it's just a silhouette—
    and, when the sun goes down, I won't exist.

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