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    Okay. We all know that there are hundreds of gaming franchises out there. Some of them include the NASCAR Thunder and Madden NFL series by EA Sports. Others include Unreal/Unreal Tournament, Zelda, Mario, and more. In your opinion, which is the best gaming franchise, and why? I didn't make this a poll because there are far too many franchises.

    Personally, my favorite is the Zelda series. It's always going to be a classic and it's the foundation for almost every RPG that has come out since its inception in 1988.
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    I'd say the best gaming franchise's would have to be the following. I'm only going to list four of my favs.

    Metal Gear Solid Franchise
    The Legend of Zelda Franchise
    Final Fantasy Franchise
    and the Sonic Franchise.

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    the best gaming franchise for each system would have to be Mario (nintendo) Halo (Xbox) and Finalfantasy (PS2 even though it was and is on nintendo)

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    Final Fantasy
    Metal Gear
    Tony Hawk

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    Sorry for a long post, I'm a huge game freak .

    The top [four] franchises (which have been around a while) to me are:

    Mario. This guy has been around since the beginning making his first appearance in the original Donkey Kong game for the original Nintendo system. Ever since then, the little guy has made it up the ladder to the peak of any gaming character's career. The guy was even immortalized in a wax museum for his long awaited efforts. You can't get any bigger than being set up in a meseum dedicated to those who've made it big in the public.

    Grand Theft Auto. This series began with it's debut in '97 and they've just gone up. When the first GTA came out, it was nothing but crap, basically, and as it progressed, GTA 3 would blow gamers away. GTA 3 brought so much new life to the GTA world, it even caused some controversy. It would only get more controversal with the release of Vice City. Now if you can get the same type of controversy as Eminem, then that deserves some props in my book, and I think that really got people going and wonder, "What's so bad that these people have to protest against it?" . Hey, there's even rumors of a movie being made from the GTA series.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Although many games would start THPS off (like 720), Tony Hawk brought new ideas to the gaming world also inspiring other companies like Konami to make their own skating games but would never make it as big as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater did. Around the same time came Thrasher, a rollerblading game that was supposed to be larger than THPS, but in the end, THPS made it bigger and better than Thrasher and Thrasher was gone. Pumping out a new version almost every year leading up to the latest, "T.H.U.G." or Tony Hawk's Underground, again, Activision (THPS's creator) have brought something new to the skating games. With these additions, who can deny the fanchise that's now behind the bird man, himself?! There's no doubt that this may be one of the largest to come... Who knows.

    Tekken. One of the first and prided to come out for the Playstation, Tekken made it's debut in '94 and with it, a crappy quality game. Namco would later improve in Tekken 2. Soon after, a few more titles of the Tekken series would come out including Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4. Although the public never really picked up on the Tekken series, itself, Japan must have saw something in the game to make an anime of the series. Though many haven't seen or played the Tekken games, the fanchise has grown quite large since it's beginning.

    Other franchises I can see are the Metal Gear series, quite possibly Halo in the near future, some of the Star Wars games have made Lucas Arts' fanchise larger, and even the Final Fantasy series have made large progress, but I believe the oldies will make more seeing they've been around longer. But nonetheless, there are so many other gaming franchises out there, it's hard to choose those who'd make it big or have made it big. My judgement goes to the Playstation games, more, because I've only owned or stayed up to date with the Playstation . Of course I think there are other games out there, but damn, if they begin making movies after you [even Tomb Raider], then that means the games have had some large impact on more than gamers . That really adds to what the game already had, so to me, that makes it better than any other ol' game.

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    Unreal/Tournament (No 2003 or Championship)

    Unreal Tournament is just a great game to play online with friends and others.
    Halo has just great graphics and the story is amazing
    GTA, well.. nothing to add :whistle:

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    Although i hate sim games,:

    The Sims
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    My Picks:
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Madden NFL Football
    Grand Theft Auto
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    Star Wars: Jedi Knight (Dark forces, Dark Forces II, JK2, JK:Jedi Academy, all badass)
    The Legend Of Zelda (excluding the Phillips CD-I games)
    Mortal Kombat

    Honorable Mention:
    Final Fantasy
    The Need For Speed
    Crash Bandicoot
    NBA Live
    Star Wars: Rogue Leader
    meet the team.

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    I love the Sonic series. If I have to wait for Sonic Heroes anymore some is gonna be strangled. Sonic is what got me into videogames as a kid. I also like the Madden, Tony Hawk, Zelda, Metroid, GTA, Star Wars, Halo, Tiger Woods, and Command and Conquer series.

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    Metal gear and GTA all the way

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    1.jedi knight [dark forces/jedi knight/mysteries of the sith/jedi outcast/ jedi academy]

    2. x-wing vr. tie fighters games, best space combat ever, they need to bring them back

    3. unreal tournament, those games rock!

    4. half-life and alot of its mods

    5. medal of honor/ all are great and cant wait for passic asualt!

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