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    Lost. Or getting there.
    This is based on a recurring dream.

    Tonight I walk a darkened passage
    Fearing that which creeps behind
    As these questions grow insistent
    Probing deep into my mind
    I cry out into blackness
    But hear only echoed screams
    Then the thing leaps from behind me
    Overtakes me and my dreams
    Fighting, falling, suffocating
    And I know I soon will break
    Then light falls upon my nightmare
    It lets go and I awake
    Still I fear that lonely passage
    That I can't escape at night
    Haunted by those vicious questions
    Not quite banished by the light.
    I once stole an entire city and put it in my back pocket.

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    wow... i actually felt myself shiver while reading your poem... that's such an amazing poem.i would love to read more of your stuff. keep up the amazing work!

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