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    Opposite Reality
    P.O.D.'s new cd, Payable On Death, will be out November 4th, 2003, and for you who havent heard the 1st single off it, Will You, it is just an amazing song I recommend going to the offical site and litsening to it...

    P.O.D.'s Offical Site

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    There's already a topic like this here.

    So... I'll keep searching for a place called home:
    I'll rip my roots from this earth into the unknown.
    Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught?
    This mystery, this misery is killing me.
    So, now, I'll leave behind a murder scene.
    My life isn't real; it's just a silhouette—
    and, when the sun goes down, I won't exist.

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