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    I joined LPU WOOOHOOOOO *does happy dance* i wanted to be in it for soooo long but i have to wait an eternity for my pakage to come in the mail i'm soo happy

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    Good for you I want to join LPU but I need money and right now I'm buying a 500 $ sound system to blast Linkin Park soo I'll have to wait a while to become a member.

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    woow a stereo haha i want one of those so i can make my neighbors made with listening to linkin park all day haha

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    I blast my LP on my computer...I have a Boston sound system: 4 speakers and a big-ass subwoofer. I can pretty much shake the neighborhood.

    Anywho, uh, congrats on getting in LPU?

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    I have a home theater system i just bought and need more stuff for it soo it hooks up to my PC and my DVD player and TV

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    cool, i want the hybrid theory E.P, but they dont do that anymore do they :'(
    Im on signature strike

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    Radical Dreamer
    cool! I just got a new Sony stereo with a 3-disc changer..perfect for all of my LP albums

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    ohh cool!!

    my parents won't let me join but i'm pretty sure a couple of my friends are teaming up to get me an LPU membership for my b-day so it's all good

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    Once I get a good amount of money from a job that I'm looking at, I'll be able to join the LPU, and buy an actual copy of Hybrid Theory.
    So, I'm going to go kick Abaddon in the balls. Later.

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    congrats, can't wait until i join though....

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    Yeah the LPU packages are pretty cool. I joined last March. Oh yeah, and sound systems are awesome. I have two Infinity speakers up front, and Aiwa head unit, amp for the front speakers, 12" sub with another amp and two crossovers for the sub and front tweeters. Great for waking up the neighbors at 2 AM

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    Woah thats weird: we got from someone telling us that they got in the LPU (I GOT MY PACKAGE TODAY WOOHOO) to talking about what stereos we have. Anyway while were at it, I have a Panasonic 300Something Watt Compact Stereo in my room to blast LP

    Another thing I discovered that u don't get the HYEP with the package :argh: but my friend has an ebay account so I'll try to get it off of there. THE LPU 2.0 CD IS COOL!

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    I'm not joining LPU. I've been a fan since they came with Esaul in 1999. Don't have the money and I don't think it's worth the money.

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    I'm Not Obsessed!!!
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    congrats on joining the LPU&#33;

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    I got my email thing from LPU and stuff. Now I have to wait 8 to 10 weeks for my stuff to get here :argh: .

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    :argh: i wanna join but my mom won&#39;t let me. i have the money and all, but phooey&#33;&#33;

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    I dont have the money and my mom wont let me use her vredit card this is a sad day for baseball.

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    Originally posted by Mcnasty@Aug 17 2003, 11:14 AM
    I dont have the money and my mom wont let me use her vredit card this is a sad day for baseball.
    So... I'll keep searching for a place called home:
    I'll rip my roots from this earth into the unknown.
    Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones I caught?
    This mystery, this misery is killing me.
    So, now, I'll leave behind a murder scene.
    My life isn't real; it's just a silhouette—
    and, when the sun goes down, I won't exist.

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    its a fun sport aint it...

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    Yeah, but I wish you were my shadow. Terry's Avatar
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    My dad let me join for my birthday, so he paid with his credit card, and it&#39;s been 6 ######&#39; whole weeks, and it&#39;s STILL not here. Damn them for delaying my package&#33;
    i'm nothing that you can't forget
    (i swear, this is all for the best)

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