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    Linkin Park Singer One Step Closer To Full-Strength
    06.27.2003 10:45 AM EDT

    Lots of artists recovering from severe medical ailments like to take it slow and easy. Not Linkin Park, who have numerous projects and a major tour lined up for the summer.

    Singer Chester Bennington was admitted to the hospital on May 30 for intense back and stomach pains and remained there for nine days (see "Linkin Park Singer Recovers, Speaks For First Time Since Hospital Admittance"). Doctors told him not to sing until at least this past Tuesday. So on Wednesday Bennington bounced out of bed and rushed to a Los Angeles studio to film a full day of scenes for the group's next video.

    The band will release the clip later this summer in conjunction with its next single, the name of which the group isn't ready to reveal, according to a Linkin Park spokesperson. The video was directed by bandmember Joseph Hahn, who has worked on the "PTS.OF.ATHRTY," "KYUR4 TH ICH" and "Somewhere I Belong" videos. Concept footage was shot in Prague, in the Czech Republic, before Bennington became ill and the band was forced to cancel its European tour.

    Although the singer is rested, he still suffers from stomach problems, the spokesperson said. So everyone is crossing their fingers that he'll feel well at Friday night's (June 27) show at the Boost Mobile Pro Skateboarding Competition in Las Vegas, Linkin Park's only warm-up before the Summer Sanitarium Tour, which begins July 4 in Pontiac, Michigan (see "More Dates Added To Metallica/ Limp Bizkit/ Linkin Park Tour").

    The band has also started hatching plans for a combination DVD/CD due in November. The DVD will feature footage shot during the band's tour for Meteora as well as live footage and other goodies. The band has not yet determined what will be on the companion CD.

    Here is the link:

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    sounds good

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    The news has been posted. Please discuss it in the news thread. Thanks for the news, Josh.
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