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    LPAssociation 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Week Starts Today!

    This week marks the tenth year as an operational Linkin Park fansite for the LPAssociation, which officially launched way back on October 24th, 2002! In commemoration of this huge achievement we will be celebrating all week long starting today, right here on the website! We've had a lot of fun over the years and have definitely built some great memories and highlights over the last decade and this is all thanks to our very dedicated and loyal community, some of which have been around since the very beginning! Without our visitors, this site would never have achieved such ambitious standards and it's thanks to you guys that we're able to celebrate our tenth birthday as a website.

    Beginning today we will be kicking off our landmark birthday week by launching the "LPAssociation 10th Anniversary Celebrations!" forum, which will be accessible from the main forums index and open to everyone! This will be the central celebratory party hub for all the activities, contests and events we'll have going on over the next few days and we'd love to see you guys getting involved and posting with us! There will be a lot of fun, community events and chances to win prizes over the coming days and whether you're a veteran LPA member from the early days or a newbie from recent years, we hope you'll stop by and join in! Along with a site design flashback, username changes, new LPA10 merchandise and a discount across our whole store, below you can check out just some of the things we have planned for this coming week!


    Sunday, October 21st

    LPA Hybrid Theory Listening Party
    On Sunday, October 21st we'll be holding a listening party for the album that started it all, Hybrid Theory. We'll live stream the audio and be hanging out in the chat for anyone who wants to come and have fun with us. It kick off at 2PM EST.

    LPA Reanimation Listening Party
    On Sunday, October 21st we'll be holding another listening party, this time for Linkin Park's Reanimation. This album is a big part of our history as it was the first release we covered. We hope you can join us as we stream the album and chat. This will kick off following the Hybrid Theory stream at 3PM EST.

    Wednesday, October 24th

    LPA Skype Party Chat
    Join us on Wednesday night as we'll be holding an informal chat with our members on Skype, where anything goes and the sole aim is to have a good time hanging out, talking about site memories and whatever the conversation leads to. Thread will be posted Monday.


    Saturday, Oct 20th - Wednesday, October 24th

    LPA Birthday Card Contest
    How well do you know the LPA? Think you can recall some funny inside jokes from the community? Or maybe you just want to show off your artistic skill? Either way we'd love to see your birthday cards to us, they can be as simple or as detailed as you like and humor is definitely welcome. Our favourite will win a prize.

    Monday, October 22nd - Wednesday, October 24th

    The legend lives. The myth has it that a few years ago, in the early hours of the night an ape-like man-beast roamed these boards, and no, I'm not talking about Derek. Some called it a hoax. Others called it "Sasquatch". Rumor has it he's been sighted once again in 2012... Can you find him? He may give you a prize if you do.

    Tuesday, October 23rd

    LPA Trivia Contest
    Join us as we host a run-down of website knowledge in this trivia contest! How well do you know your LPA history? You may need to do your research for this one as we'll put you to the test in this informal competition. Winner will be eligible for a prize. Thread will be posted Monday.

    Along with all our planned activities you can expect a lot of easter eggs and homages to years past as we make reference to our earlier days as a website and the community that built it. I also want to remind you that the "LPAssociation 10th Anniversary Celebrations!" forum is open to everyone! So please stop by and create your own threads about any funny or nostalgic memories you have from your time here, we'd love to read them! Thanks for reading guys and I hope to see you join us in celebrating ten years of the LPA!

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    nice i'll join in the chat since night for you means day for me and i'll be at home along without disturbance
    advance happy birthday LPA, probably the first fan site I saw years ago in my school days too (I signed up pretty later though, probably for something specific otherwise never used to join in or look in forums before lol)

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    This is awesome. Happy birthday to you, guys, I'm glad I'm part of this awesome community! You guys rock
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    Eek! So exciting happy birthday to the LPA.
    There's a typo: Triva --> Trivia!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim
    Stop projecting your semen-crusted fantasies onto me, you assmilk loving fuck.
    Quote Originally Posted by Infamous Davy Fresh Cobra
    Zak just weaponized music

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    You fail, Joe...

    Anyways, awesome! ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    Right? [...] Liz is more than just hot though. She is fucking awesome all around. FACT. Anyone who disagrees is a dick hole, and I will fight them with my bare hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian Girl
    And she... Lizzed in her pants.

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    LPA Skype Party Chat? Should be fun. Also I'm down for all the contests!

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    Haha, I got back after a week and saw that homepage... Thought you guys time traveled or something...

    Quote Originally Posted by Decay
    If Filip kept a diary, I bet it would look like this: "Day 57: Muse released a new song with a music video. It has boobs in it." "Day 58: I watched the new Muse video again."
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Time to feel really old XD

    A planned chat time with music is an excellent idea.
    Last edited by Vriska; 10-21-2012 at 07:48 AM. Reason: Oh wait now I HAVE to be green here.
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    I just shocked when visited LPA after so long and saw the old template. so nostalgia for me. Congrats LPA for preparing such a great site for LP Fans. keep up the good work.

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    Damn, wasn't expecting this! Pretty fucking epic if you ask me!

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    LPA team
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    I love the old look!

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    Happy 10th birthday, LPA!

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    is Keaton
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    I feel old.

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    Heh, I remember that site design! Happy to say I've been hanging around here for almost 9 of LPA's 10 years.
    O o

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    because the internet
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    Loving the homepage switch. LPA5 for sure.
    21st century church

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    Holy nostalgia Batman.

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    The homepage switch up brings back a lot of memories!

    Long live LPA!
    Formerly known as Agent O

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    I didn't join until this year but I did lurk since 2009, had a different design in 2009 but not too much has changed since then
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