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    Rescheduled Tour Dates for Brazil

    In a last minute change due to logistical issues, there will now be a new concert set in Rio de Janeiro on the 10th of October and a rescheduled concert for Porte Alegre, now on the 12th of October. Sadly, Linkin Park has had to cancel their performance in Curitiba, set for October 10th, due to these recent changes.

    For the new date at the Citibank Hall Arena in Rio de Janeiro on Oct. 10th, preorders begin for the LP Underground on September 12th and for the General Public on September 14th. Tickets well be refunded if necessary. Otherwise, all purchased tickets will continue to work in their relative placements for the concert in Porte Alegre.

    Purchases made personally (box office or other retail outlet):
    a. Return to the same location where the purchase was made
    b. Present the ticket
    c. If the purchase has been made in cash or debit card, the repayment will occur through bank deposit;
    d. For purchases made by credit card, the amount will be credited on the card bill used, in 20 days.

    Purchases made not personally (Internet and call-center):
    a. Send an e-mail with the purchasing date to, subject "REFUND";
    b. The amount paid will be credited to the card bill used, in 20 days.

    Even with the change of date and place of the concert in Porto Alegre, the tickets purchased for this show are valid for the same sectors. There is no need to exchange tickets.

    Source: Via King Ov Da Foolz

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    What bad luck. Thank God it didn't hit the Argentina date.

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    They said it was a problem of logistics. In fact, the show was canceled was the most expensive of all, in the worst date and where sales were weak.

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    you naughty boy

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