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    Linkin Park Ticket Prices?

    I bought my tickets to the Tacoma, Wa show during the LPU presale for $80 (after taxes and fees).

    Yesterday I reading the forums and one person said they payed $100 after fees and taxes. After a little more research I found that one show will cost concertgoers $170 (I think the show was in California).

    So my question is "why the price difference?" Are prices based on expected ticket sales? I just don't understand how the same concert/tour can double ticket prices at different venues.

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    I think it depends on the country and the venue of the show... I paid 20 euros for concert (stadium) and then 80 euros for smaller closed venue in the same country. It's a different story if they're playing a festival show

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    It depends a lot of the location and the methods available to watch the show in place of its fulfillment. Even within at the same country the price range, such as Brazil.

    This varies from one who was the sponsor of the show, the capacity of the venue and the cost of renting the hall for the show. Not to mention a number of factors related to the costing of the band at the concert venue.
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