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    Why i need to thank you guys

    okay first let me say, sry for my bad english again and yeah i know, i am not the guy who posts in many threads or stuff but...
    you know, my sister died 2 months ago and finally i can talk about it without (yeah i need to admit that) crying
    so, you know, i dont talk that much but i read everything and laugh about stuff and even more about my silly posts sometimes
    this forum is so friendly and yeah in the while i was down
    not that i ever want to escape of the death of my sister but you know what i mean
    but i am every day here and check out stuff, and talking sometimes and even if its a short topic and a short text
    i want to thank you guys all that you are so friendly to me
    it helps me a lot

    greetings from germany

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    Ey Patrick. I didn't know that with your sister and I am so sorry
    Well, I just met you today the first time but you're welcome !
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    I love you too, Melis
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    "Hey Melly, I'm nak... OH SHIT, SORRY, MRS. MELIS!"

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    So sorry to hear this...

    Well, at least you're feeling better.

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    Sorry to hear that! My condolences! But I am glad we could somewhat help you. Granted, in our own unique way haha but still, really happy that we could help

    Stay strong man!
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    My condolences. I hope everything will be okay in the right time. Cheer up =)

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Remember, all of us have your back, stay strong!

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    I'm sorry to hear about that, Prototype. The LPA is like a family. A very dysfunctional and unique family, but still a family none the less. If you ever need to talk, we're here.

    One other thing, [thank you for taking my advise].
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    And you were there at the turn caught in the burning glow
    And I was there at the turn waiting to let you know
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    My condolences Proto. I know that this must be very hard on you, however, you must stay strong. Life has a way of making things better, even the harshest. So stay strong and remain positive. Your friends in real life and here are all here for you.

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