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Thread: Hey everyone!

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    Hey everyone!

    Hello fellow LP fans!

    My name is Pem, I've been an LP fan for about 12 years now! I love every album from Hybrid Theory to Living Things. I'm looking forward to discussing all things LP =]

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    HEY, EVERYONE! GET IN HERE! Zak's Avatar
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    Hi there pem!
    welcome to the insanity that is the LPA.
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    Stop projecting your semen-crusted fantasies onto me, you assmilk loving fuck.
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    Zak just weaponized music

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    when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory Melis's Avatar
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    Welcome Pem!
    12 years are a long time ! That's awesome!
    Anyhow, enjoy your stay here! 8
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    I love you too, Melis
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    "Hey Melly, I'm nak... OH SHIT, SORRY, MRS. MELIS!"

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    Hello there.
    But in the end we were meant to be apart, like separate chambers of the human heart...

    "The best lyrics are the ones that describe those emotions in ways you always wanted to say but could never find the words." - Mike Shinoda

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