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    The One Thing LP Needs to Be a Great Live Act Again

    It's been said a million times before, and please feel free to argue, but: Crowd interaction.

    I want to see LP make their shows fun again. They're on the right track now with wanting to make the sets more high energy, but just standing there and playing song after song without saying anything besides the generic "Thank you" and "How are you guys?" doesn't exactly keep the energy up. I've been to a decent amount of shows, and I've seen a lot of bands that sound great (I think LP sounds fantastic live, even on Chester's off days), but don't say a word to the crowd, and, surprisingly, it gets boring. I'm not asking for the guys to start monologuing or anything like that. Go listen to a 2007 or early 2008 DSP. That is enough crowd interaction to keep the show pumped and interesting. Tell the crowd when to jump, when to put their hands in the air, when to clap, have them make some noise at certain points, anything. Just listening to them play song after song does get boring; it becomes less of a show. They just need to get the crowd involved in the songs again.
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    I still think their shows are great cause of the new setlists, but I also agree here!

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    You forgot to mention though that Chester or Mike jump into the crowd every night which is cool. But i agree that they could do a little more.
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    LP used to be very social with the crowd, making each night special, ranting on about something or saying something unique about the city. It was really cool. They kind of stopped in like 2009 and haven't been very socially active since. It sucks...

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    I'm down with this.

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    They got the crowd pumping when I saw them for ATS by talking and shit.

    I think they just need to put some more focus on the other band members sometimes, have the crowd get excited about Brad or Joe or something.
    And a little improvisation wouldn't hurt.
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    They need to go into the crowd, and share the mic with fans to sing along with them. I'm hoping I get to the front row with my LPU laminate/lanyard for a chance to interact with Chester and or Mike.

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