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    Talking Howdy effin' hey.

    Hellooooo LPA, the name's Kat. I've been a fan of Linkin Park since the memorable days of hearing 'One Step Closer' come out on the radio and as a music video on TV. Man, what I wouldn't give to go back sometimes... anyhow! Still support LP 100% today, their new stuff is different, yes, but I love it. And yes, 'Living Things' is absolutely amazing. It's been on repeat in my car, ipod, stereo, etc; since... well since I first picked it up on the release date. By the way, I'm stoked to be a part of the community!

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    Hi Kat! Welcome to this site! I hope you'll enjoy your time here!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ree
    I love you too, Melis
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    "Hey Melly, I'm nak... OH SHIT, SORRY, MRS. MELIS!"

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    I feel like we start getting into a really dangerous territory when we start trying to write around the idea of what some third-party thought of what our music should be when they can't even comprehend on how to tell us what that thing is, or guide us in a direction that can get us there musically or creatively, or anything. You know, having to have a specific type of song; forcing music to conform to that frame of mind is causing a lot of noise to be in and it's getting away from the song. (...) Let's stop trying to do things that other people want us to do, and let's get back to just being fluid, and writing songs, coming with ideas, and being like, "hey, let's check this out", and grading things, and being honest.

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