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    INTERVIEW: Touring l Next Album l Band Life

    In a recent article with The Indie Spiritualist, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park & Brandon Boyd of Incubus chat about several topics ranging from the upcoming Honda Civic touring cycle to the effects of age on their musical tastes. Chester discusses the possibility of both bands collaborating on tour, future touring locations for Linkin Park, and a little about when the next album creating cycle will begin. The interview is very long but offers great insight on how both bands operate. Read below:

    TIS: Would you say [this touring cycle is] more of a human movement?

    CB: Yes, it’s more of a purpose-driven green movement in terms of just wanting to be more clean and efficient with our tours so we leave less of a footprint when we’re out there. But the big picture really is the tie between, you know, the effect that it causes in terms of the natural disasters that hit. So if we plant more trees and put more oxygen in the atmosphere, hopefully the storm systems aren’t so tough every year. If we could help people have clean water and have access to renewable energy sources then they can focus on agriculture and they can focus on getting jobs and making money as opposed to hunting down water or moving a village because it’s been destroyed. So hopefully that answers your question.
    TIS: Awesome. It’s great and refreshing to hear that you’re both so in touch with these important issues. So can you guys talk about why you wanted to team up for this tour and what you hope fans who may not have seen one of your bands before walk away with?

    CB: And so, I swear, it feels like I’ve probably tried to figure out a way to get Linkin Park and Incubus on the road together at least once per cycle for quite a while now. It just goes to show how difficult it can be to actually get two headlining groups together.
    TIS: Well, good luck with that. Now Chester, as you referenced earlier too, this is the very beginning of the Living Things touring cycle. What’s on the horizon after the Honda Civic tour and also, you guys have a habit where the next album tends to start when you’re on the road, so I’m also wondering if that process has started already, too?

    CB: The new record has so much energy that we feel like we could add a bunch of new music to the set and people will be stoked about it. Casual fans are there to hear the three songs that they love, and go “Oh yeah, I didn’t know they did this song too!”

    ...So I would imagine by the time we’re done touring this record, we’ll be in a similar position to where we were with 1,000 Suns going into Living Things. We’ll be able to go right into the studio, make another record and put it out and keep that cycle going. We’ve really got ourselves in a position now where we feel like we’re touring less as an idea of let’s go tour really hard for nine months and then come home and then tour really hard for another nine months and then come home and hopefully have enough energy to want to do anything else.
    TIS: I think that’s a fair assessment (laughing.) I’m wondering too after Honda Civic, where else are you guys going to be touring, and how long do you think you’ll be on the road more or less for Living Things.

    CB: I think we’ll be touring more or less through next summer for sure. Maybe even into next fall, depending on what the schedule looks like. I know that we’re planning on going to South Africa for the first time, which I’m very excited about. We’re planning on going to South America, going back to Europe, going to Asia, and doing another U.S. tour, I believe to end it all next year and then go straight back again into the studio and make another record.
    TIS: Thanks for all of that insight! Speaking of which, as you each grow older and wiser, how do you stay both loyal and inspired to produce the style of music, recorded and in concert that your long-time fans have both come to love and expect?

    CB: When I’m 70 I don’t know if I’ll be screaming “Victimized” at anybody. Hopefully that will be the case, but I doubt it. That’s one of the things that’s so interesting about our business anyways. None of us are guaranteed that anyone will come to one of our shows or care about the last record we put out. With every record that we go into, I look at like, this is our very first album and this is the best representation of what we are and either people are going to love it or they’re going to hate it.
    TIS: Agreed. So will there be any guest appearances by either of you, or any other band members in one another’s sets?

    BB: At the moment there’s nothing planned in the traditional sense but it really only takes a couple of days of making music and being on tour with new friends to become inspired by each other and each other’s mutual distinctions and idiosyncrasies and stuff and then for that desire to share a little moments to arise. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of us will be sneaking onstage in each other’s sets and I hope that you guys are cool with that (laughing.)

    Source: The Indie Specialist l LPTimes Via Hybrid
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    Great article!
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    Read this interview a few moments ago, it's really interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester Bennington
    I think that there are a lot of connections that can be made to the mouth and the vagina.
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    Good read, thanks!
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    I'm finding it ominous how they haven't mentioned Australia in the tours, hope they meant Aus as well when they said Asia.

    Also, needs more vaginoplasty.
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    yeah,read the full earlier,video interviews are better than articles lol

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    Great read, thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester Bennington
    No one wants to come to a Linkin Park show
    Out of context, Chester Bennington is a spiteful dude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chester Bennington
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    I believe to end it all next year and then go straight back again into the studio and make another record.

    Quote Originally Posted by Decay
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    So there's a chance for a second US tour, I'm now very excited! Awesome read, by the way, learned some interesting things about Incubus, too.

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    Good article, I can't wait to see LP/Incubus on tour in a few weeks.

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    So their sixth album should come out of the woodworks sometime in 2014! Love the sound of that!
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    New Album Soon? OMG i love this band.. LP!


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    Nice. Thanks.

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    Nice article . Thanks for posting!

    Props to mrxtothez for signature.
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    Doesn't know much about clean energy though. :-P

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    "Nobody wants to come to a Linkin Park show and hear beautiful music"

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    I hope there's some crossover between their sets.
    Coming 2008

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    I'm thinking late 2014 or early 2015 for a new album...

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