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    Reanimation: 10 Years Later

    Today marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory Remix album Reanimation.

    In what many critics saw as a highly risky move, the band decided to build on the immense success they had with Hybrid Theory by remixing the entire album and opening the door for various artists and producers to break down the foundations and add their own little twists and tweaks. The end product was a solid mix of massive electronic sounds, urban style hip hop beats, heavy guitars and entire restructuring of the songs that had made Hybrid Theory the best selling album of 2001.

    Apart from the band's recent collaboration with Owen Pallet for I'll Be Gone on Living Things, Reanimation remains the band's only album to feature guest artists appearing on a Linkin Park album. In an attempt to bring attention to lesser-known artists, the album featured several underground hip hop artists such as Motion Man, Planet Asia and Aceyalone combined with more established acts Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) and Black Thought (The Roots). This album also featured guest vocals by several lead singers from rock bands who Linkin Park had toured with prior to the albums release such as Aaron Lewis (Staind), Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Stephen Richards (Taproot). Production and additional instrumentation was provided by the likes of Jay Gordon (Orgy), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) and The Humble Brothers.

    Hybrid Theory's album artwork was also tweaked such as the Hybrid Soldier that had become synonymous as the symbol of the album as reinvented as a more robotic figure to represent a further evolution in the band's progress. On the inside booklet it is also interesting to note that this is the first album under the Linkin Park band name that features Phoenix as an official member of the band (Dave had returned to the band during touring in support of Hybrid Theory).

    All in all, Reanimation was a gutsy move that paid off well. One could say that it's one of the best produced and most unique remix albums to ever be released with each remix doing justice to the organic feel of the original track while each producer's own style prominent. To this day, the excellent production of the album has many critics and fans suggesting with just cause that the remixed tracks turned out better than the originals.

    Side notes:
    - Remixes submitted by Tricky, DJ Z-Trip, The Crystal Method and Team Sleep's remix of My December did not make the final cut of the album; A Marilyn Manson remix of By Myself was featured on the deluxe edition of the album
    - The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard top 200
    - PTS.OF.ATHRTY was the only single off the album and featured a computer animated music video directed by Joe Hahn. Joe also directed videos for all other songs on the album and they were featured on an MTV2 special
    - The only tracks ever performed live in full are FRGT/10 and P5HNG ME A*WY

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    Still a better love story than Twilight.album than Meteora.

    Then again, Reanimation > most of LP's discography, so yeah.

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    "Reanimation" stands as one of many examples of Linkin Park going above and beyond what's expected of them. It's in a league of its own as far as remix projects go.

    I don't like this - I can't take the fallout

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    Man...10 years! I still remember:

    1. Picking the CD up from Best Buy and driving slowly back to work as I listened to it.
    2. Hearing track 20 (Crawling) for the first time and getting about a minute in before having to stop the track, grab my friend, and start the track over with him listening along.
    3. Listening to track 6 (Pushing me away) for the first time on my home PC before the CD was officially released. My jaw stayed open the duration of the song
    4. I remember yesterday when 10 years later, I'm still burning this album to a blank CD so I can continue listening to it in my car.

    Great album!

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    I never knew this CD existed (as well as HT) until last year when I watched the Pts.OF.Athrty video.

    I remember having a vacation in Singapore and picking up HT, this album and Collision Course for $49.99 overall Singapore dollars.


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    Reanimation was the first CD I ever got as a present. It felt really ahead of its time.
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    Yeah!! Wow 10 years already, and 12 since Hybrid Theory

    Not much to say, amazing album, which I still listen to this day (actually played it in full today).. These reinterpretations were simply epic. Enough said.
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    I remember my jaw dropping when hearing Krwlng for the first time. That song in my top 10 songs of all time list.

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    I saw this on facebook and maybe thought a reanimation 2 was coming, was wrong but yeah, it's 10 years old, cool story bro
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    Sad i haven't listened to Reanimation in a while.

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    Why cant they go back to this style, its perfect, a great mix of electronica which everyone favors today, urban underground hip hop, and some rock
    its just an epic remix album.

    I remember going to best buy and playing the crap out of it.

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    I love this album and its music videos

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    One of the greatest albums ever made.

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    10 years! wow, I feel old.. and I'm only 20.
    I usually hate remix albums and songs, but Reanimation was pretty dope.

    And I really wanna hear the song with owen from Living Things. (Haven't heard the album yet )
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    I wanna see some side projects after LT before the next studio album comes out. Reanimation was a blast.

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    I wanna hear that Tricky remix, that would be quite fun. Anyone know where it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaseen Alam View Post
    I wanna hear that Tricky remix, that would be quite fun. Anyone know where it is?
    It was never released in any way, unfortunately.

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    Reanimation = MASTERPIECE!

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    The Catalyst is one of few songs that makes me cry; true story.

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    Those of you whom have never heard it in DTS audio format are REALLY missing out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LPHybrid Soldier View Post
    Why cant they go back to this style
    Why can't some fans just accept that the band can do whatever they want and not demand them to be something other than what they want to be?
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