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    Sigh... i guess it's about time LP made its way into the world of crappy mainstream dubstep.... Can't say I didn't see it coming.
    I have no further comments, really...

    Oh ya, and:

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackee Dammet View Post
    These are all just go goddamn terrible. I like how they went to Reanimation, "Smash it apart and reconfigure them in ways you wouldn't think to do and have it work brilliantly" to "Eh... throw some wub on it and be done" remixes.
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    WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB... fuck I hate dubstep.

    I'm gonna wait for that death metal remix Mike joked about on that one video chat with Incubus. Even if it doesn't exist.
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    This shows the problem inherent in dubstep and quite a bit of "EDM"...No variety, no creativity. The only good bits of this were when there were vocals, but on the original even the instrumental was phenomenal. It really does feel like the entire genre is becoming WubWub and nothing else unless it's a remix.

    tl;dr: Ew.

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    I don't want to be "that guy" but if you don't like the remix, just say you don't like the remix. I understand if dubstep may not necessarily be your cup of tea but that doesn't warrant saying they just threw some wub wub on it and spewed out a remix, magically.

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    they've gone and ruined it. It has such good remix potential too.

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    Yeah, this remix really isn't all that great. :/
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    I don't like this. Not really a fan of dubstep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CylockDNB View Post
    Sigh... i guess it's about time LP made its way into the world of crappy mainstream dubstep.... Can't say I didn't see it coming.
    I have no further comments, really...
    Really? You're going to blame the band for a remix of their music done by someone else? Awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decay
    If Filip kept a diary, I bet it would look like this: "Day 57: Muse released a new song with a music video. It has boobs in it." "Day 58: I watched the new Muse video again."

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    I'm kind of picky when it comes to dubstep tunes (and everything else too) so it's hard for me to really be impressed by the drop but, otherwise, I don't mind this remix much, I suppose. :"
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    I could imagine this song working really well in a live atmosphere. Good remix.

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    The wubwub shit really bothers the crap out of me. The rest of it it decent.
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    you updated fullversion is edited by

    by the way, if someone says this remix or the genre is shit, i will punch their faces so hard that they die directly
    i mean come on -.-
    if you dont like it, then you dont like it - point, done
    i mean i dont like pop and dont say the genre need to die or stuff like that
    i dont want to start an argue here but these arguments bring me to rage totally
    if you dont like dubstep then its okay but shut up to tell us things like that it need to go down soon or so
    god hell damn
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    Still waiting for a Skrillex remix...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimi View Post
    sounded like a crap to me
    That's some poetry right there
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    I really enjoyed listening to that

    why all the hate? It suited that style IMO!

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    I just wanna say, everyone who hates on dubstep and says its all 'wubwubwub' fair enough, you don't like it, but it does take fucking HEAPS of skill to produce something to this level.
    Not trying to have a go at anyone, just saying, try not say that dubstep is simple and a bland genre which shouldn't exist, because it is very hard to make...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    This genre needs to die out quickly.
    Yeah. I think this is the disco of our days. Also, every artist that does this style of music sounds the same. It all sounds the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    It all sounds the same.

    you dont now anything about dubstep, just sayin

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    Sounds like every other dubstep song.

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