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    2012 live shows is going to miss that special feel?

    Didn't know how else to put it. But i saw through some live shows from the ATS tour.
    It starts with The requiem, lots of interludes, and the Mario Savio speech. The ATS tour had like a concept feel to it.
    Same goes for the Minutes to Midnight tour, Mike played alot of interludes. They started it all with the alternate Wake version. Superlong extended intros. The KRWLNG intro. They've always made a special mood to every live show they did. But as their recent live shows, like Live In Rio 2012, at other festivals. The setlist and show lack that special feel to it.
    They've started right on A place for my head, with a sudden boom. They played track after track, maybe a little to intenese, as they are rushing thru it? i don't know how to put it. Of course they had extended outros and introes. Like the beginning of Waiting for the End and its outro. but still..
    And putting Shadow of the Day, Leave out All The Rest, and Iridescent into one big medley. Just takes away that ''feeling'' I know they are aiming for a more energic show, and i don't mind. I'm just a little afraid they are going to take away that extra special thing from their shows.

    Hope anything i said made sence.. Sometimes it never does.
    If they change the way they play live shows, i don't really mind.
    or for all i know, when LT's live tour comes, it could be super special.

    Whatya think?
    please don't kill me =p


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    Linkin Park can put up a great show. I'm sure they will do that this time too, especially when they add the songs from Living Things into them.

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    I think they are aiming for a high energy show on this tour. A show on which you can jump for 2 hours and have the time of your life. It's gonna be

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    The shows they've played so far this year have included a lot of throwback songs. I'm positive their performances coming up will be drastically different. I'm not sure they'll be adding interludes and extended intros/outros on the new songs, but as stated above, LP have one of the best live shows around, I'm sure there will be lots to be excited about with the new tour/set.

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    If LP would continue to experiment their music in translating it to live setting.. the high energy plus the awesomeness of the set... i love if they would add new intros and outros of the setlist.. maybe some classic songs and add some spice to it..


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    worried too, we'll see.

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    It definitely won't be as much of a visual spectacle like the last tour. Not only do I think it will suffer without the interludes but it won't be nearly as cool visually.
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    It may not be as appealing visually, but I can already guarantee it will be more fun and hopefully there will be more movement on the floor.

    I went to their Melbourne show in 2007 and again in 2010. Had a lot more fun at their 2007 show.

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    It's really a good question. :X

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    In a festival setting, they are given a set amount of time to play. That being said, they might have nixed the interludes there in order to give the audience a bigger bang by playing more songs.

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    I hope they still play the ATS interludes as songs and not intros to a song. (The Requiem The Radiance the Salvio Speech) And I think it would be AWESOME to end a show with Empty Spaces!
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    The question is not whether they play good live/put on a good show/have good visuals, its about whether they are willing to say "These are the songs we worked on for a long time, we are proud of them and we will make sure your experience through them is epic" or if they just go all "Here's POA, here's Runaway, here's LGM, alright we've played a shitload of stuff, let's go to the hotel"

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