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    Peggy Hill

    Back near the end of KOTH, Matt Judge decided that he had enough of Peggy Hill, and that she needed to die. But how could he pull it off? He could go clumsiness which killed Buckley, or total accident that killed Bucks former girlfriend, but he wanted it to be full-out murder.

    But who would be so full of hated to kill Peggy. His writes said Dale should do it, as he's thoroughly discussed his hatred of her throughout the series, but Matt wanted it to be less obvious and go for shock. His writes wanted Bobby to do it, but Matt said he loved her too much. For hours they picked random characters, but Mike decided it should he her own husband. Yes, Hank would kill Peggy.

    For hours they wrote up how they would do it, and the finished project is this:

    Hank is working on a casket, and Peggy comes in and bitches about how they can't have kids and how Bobby is getting over. This goes on for about 6 minutes until Hank loses it, grabs Peggy, and starts bitch-slapping her. This gets the attention of the whole neighborhood

    Boomhower says stuff nobody understands nor cares about.
    Dale applauds Hank for this
    Bill tries to Stop Hank, but then he joins in and gives Peggy a good hit in the tummy, and then walks away
    Kahn congratulates Hank and gives him a beer
    Minh just walks away
    Cotton comes back from the dead, applauds hank for finally being a man, tells him he loves him, and watches the beating

    Jimmy Carters makes a return and gives Hank the Medal of Honor for doing America a favor

    For no reason whatsoever, Connie cries and begs him to stop, to which Kahn pulls her away and starts slapping her aswell

    Peggy at first screamed, but then was in too much pain to scream

    Then near the end everybody walks away (Connie also died by Kahn), and then Hank stop for a few seconds, and then the credits roll with sounds of slapping in rhythm to the guitar song.

    And the final sound, we hear a loud crash, as if someone dropped a book on the floor, and Hank saying "Bobby, get a shovel".

    Mike held a private watch of their new episode. Everyone loved it and their brains exploded from the sheer awesomeness of it. Mike knew he had a hit on his hands, the best finale to a TV show in HISTORY! But his executives decided to hide it from the public, as it would kill an entire generation of watchers.

    Instead we get a half-assed finale of Hank and Bobby cooking steaks, and this episode was burned in a fire.

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    You. Are. Awesome.

    I always hated Peggy so much.

    Great ending.

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