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    Living Things Joke ??????

    I bought Living Things today.But when i was transferring the music files in the cd,to my computer,via windows media player,it transferred the cd with the title: "Live At Nottingham".
    The files are OK,they're the original songs,but their name was according to the setlist of Nottingham,I needed to change every file's name and options.And to be honest,I am pretty annoyed by this I wasted time on changing the names.. I'm asking if this is a kinda joke? Did it happened to anyone else? Or it is just me ?

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    That happens sometimes with WMP. Just right click on the album in question and click on "Find album info", follow on from there.
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    When Windows Media Player ripped the tracks it tried to find the info of the album. WMP is very bad at this and tends to get it wrong a lot.

    The album, LT, is fairly new and may not have been updated in the WMP server yet so it couldn't find the LT info. It then gave you what is probably the nearest thing.

    You'll have to manually edit the ID tags for the songs.
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