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    Smile G'day from Germany!

    Hey guys!

    I kinda finaly decided to register here after long time "stalking" around here without an account!

    Right now im living in cologne, germany, probably around the end of the year i'll move to England!
    I'm 22 years young, and an iT-Tech. Assistant and right now im studying Jazz-Music (:

    Im playing the guitar for about 6 years now, and 2 years of drumming!
    At this moment im not in a band right now, but im doing lots of Covers and own creations in my little Home-Studio.
    I do alot of LP Covers, and im always looking for colabs in any ways!

    Make sure to check out my Soundcloud Page where you can find lots of Covers and Recordings!
    If you like it, feel free to give me feedback, follow me, or MSG me if youre intrested in a collab (:

    The first song i heard and fell in love with LP was Points of Authority of the Reanimation Album, in fact, i saw
    the Musicvideo on MTV, from this point, LP became one of my fav.Bands!
    And im in that "team" who likes every(!) Album , to me ATS is really special, and i love it!

    I think thats enough for now!

    Thanks a lot to the LPA Admins for doing this awesome job here and every other who is participating!
    Love this forum!


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    Welcome to the madness
    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    Right? [...] Liz is more than just hot though. She is fucking awesome all around. FACT. Anyone who disagrees is a dick hole, and I will fight them with my bare hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian Girl
    And she... Lizzed in her pants.

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    The forum's the game/Enjoy it here and don't ever be ashamed
    Though this rhyme is lame it's a pretty cool place
    So come and get a taste of the fun it'll be a blast.

    That was a short intro parody for Pts.OF.Athrty I wrote just for you.

    Seriously though, welcome to the forum!
    But in the end we were meant to be apart, like separate chambers of the human heart...

    "The best lyrics are the ones that describe those emotions in ways you always wanted to say but could never find the words." - Mike Shinoda

    Formerly known as Epiksha.

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    Welcome along...

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    Hey, welcome!

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    Welcome to the insane asylum that is the LPA.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tim
    Stop projecting your semen-crusted fantasies onto me, you assmilk loving fuck.
    Quote Originally Posted by Infamous Davy Fresh Cobra
    Zak just weaponized music

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