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    Top 10 most played LP songs

    I know a lot of people here don't have itunes so it can be from wherever

    My itunes is somewhat newish, I've gone through some computers breaking before so my list is different plus not too many plays

    1. Lies Greed Misery (515)
    2. What We Don't Know (186)
    3. Burn it Down (121)
    4. Blue (65)
    5. Across the Line (60)
    6. Blackbirds (48)
    7. Breaking the Habit (28)
    8. Waiting For the End (28)
    9. Don't Stay (28)
    10. QWERTY (26)

    EDIT: On my Ipod:
    1. Leave Out All the Rest (#1 played on whole ipod apparently)
    2. One Step Closer
    3. Crawling
    4. In Between
    5. Figure.09
    6. Breaking the Habit
    7. Easier to Run
    8. Given Up
    9. Blackbirds
    10. Don't Stay

    only 3 of the songs are same from my ipod and computer.
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    Mine refreshes every two weeks or so, but here's what I have listed on this computer's iPod:

    10. No More Sorrow
    9. Lying From You
    8. Figure.09 [Demo 2002]
    7. In Between
    6. Given Up
    5. Blackout
    4. Hands Held High
    3. Lockjaw
    2. No Roads Left
    1. In Pieces

    You know, I just realized how much I love Minutes To Midnight after writing that. I think I might pop it in the car stereo.

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    1. Figure .09 (39 plays)
    2. In The End (38)
    3. Numb (32)
    4. Papercut (29)
    5. Faint (29)
    6. One Step Closer (27)
    7. Crawling (27)
    8. A Place For My Head (27)
    9. Breaking The Habit (26)
    10. What I've Done (25)

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    1. When They Come For Me
    2. Blackout
    3. Wretches And Kings
    4. Waiting For The End
    5. Iridescent
    6. Wisdom, Justice, and Love
    7. Robot Boy
    8. Burning In The Skies
    9. In Between
    10. I Have Not Begun

    I'm really surprised that WFTE and BITS have over 100 plays from me. It must just be from all the times I've played ATS front to back, because individually I'm not a HUGE fan of either song.
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    1.Burn It Down
    2.In The End
    4.Leave Out All The Rest
    5.Shadow of the Day
    6.Lies Greed Misery
    7.Breaking The Habit
    8.In Pieces
    10.Hands Held High

    Might have played Burn It Down way too much lawl

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    According to Songbird right now. None of this is accurate from over the years, since this PC is relatively new.

    1. LIES GREED MISERY (30 Times)
    2. BURN IT DOWN (27 Times)
    3. Blue (10 Times)
    4. Rolling In The Deep (10 Times)
    5. Burning In The Skies (10 Times)
    6. Wretches and Kinds (9 Times)
    7. Issho Ni (8 Times)
    8. I Have Not Begun (6 Times)
    9. Across The Line (6 Times)
    10. Blackout (6 Times)
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    1. In Pieces
    2. Across the Line
    3. Given Up
    4. New Divide
    5. No More Sorrow
    6. The Catalyst
    7. The Messenger
    8. Bleed It Out
    9. Blackout
    10. Iridescent

    Interesting that it's all from the two latest albums.

    BURN IT DOWN and LIES GREED MISERY are skyrocketing up the ladder to reach this list. Considering I haven't synched my iPhone in a few days, LGM could easily be there by now.
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    1. Leave Out All The Rest
    3. Don't Stay
    5. One Step Closer
    6. Blackout
    7. Bleed It Out
    8. High Voltage (original Hybrid Theory EP version)
    9. Somewhere I Belong
    10. Shadow of the Day

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    1. in the end
    2. burn it down
    3. new divide
    4. breaking the habit
    5. numb
    6. faint
    7. the catalyst
    8. blackout
    9. what I've done
    10. easier to run

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    1. Lies Greed Misery
    2-10. Meteora

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    1. Lies Greed Misery
    2. Bleed It Out
    3. Waiting for the End
    4. Papercut
    5. What I've Done
    6. Shadow of the Day (really?)
    7. Somewhere I Belong
    8. Burning in the Skies
    9. Robot Boy (O.o)
    10. In Pieces


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    This is solely based on my itunes plays, which don't reflect my overall listening patterns as I also use Windows Media Player, CDs and very occasionally Frostwire.

    1. Burn It Down
    2. Lies Greed Misery
    3. Hit The Floor
    4. Waiting For The End
    5. The Catalyst
    6. Lying From You
    7. Across The Line
    8. High Voltage
    9. Breaking The Habit
    10. Part of Me

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    01. Linkin Park Burning in the Skies (1,031 plays)
    02. Linkin Park Blackout (942 plays)
    03. Linkin Park Waiting for the End (876 plays)
    04. Linkin Park The Catalyst (809 plays)
    05. Linkin Park Wretches and Kings (776 plays)
    06. Linkin Park When They Come for Me (683 plays)
    07. Linkin Park New Divide (650 plays)
    08. Linkin Park Blackbirds (587 plays)
    09. Linkin Park The Requiem (564 plays)
    10. Linkin Park In Pieces (475 plays)
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    1. In The End
    2. When They Come For Me
    3. Papercut
    4. One Step Closer
    5. Lying From You
    6. Waiting For The End
    7. Iridescent
    8. With You
    9. Points Of Authority
    10. Journada Del Muerto

    No songs from MTM and 1 song from Meteora.

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    I listen on my actual CD and on Youtube so I will say what I feel are the most listened to.

    Iridescent is NO.1
    I know that. But I have no way of counting what I listened to the most. I'm sure Iridescent is the highest though. Such an amazing song

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    I'll just open through Spotify/itunes - The rest is unknown lol

    1. Burn It Down (217)
    2. Lies Greed Misery (27)
    3. Crawling
    4. In Pieces
    5. Shadow of the Day
    6. Easier to Run
    7. Burning in the Skies
    8. Across the Line
    9. No Roads Left (75)
    10. Waiting for the End

    Props to mrxtothez for signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yurieff View Post

    01. Linkin Park Burning in the Skies (1,031 plays)
    02. Linkin Park Blackout (942 plays)
    03. Linkin Park Waiting for the End (876 plays)
    04. Linkin Park The Catalyst (809 plays)
    05. Linkin Park Wretches and Kings (776 plays)
    06. Linkin Park When They Come for Me (683 plays)
    07. Linkin Park New Divide (650 plays)
    08. Linkin Park Blackbirds (587 plays)
    09. Linkin Park The Requiem (564 plays)
    10. Linkin Park In Pieces (475 plays)
    Holy shit dude, 1,000 plays for just one song!?

    According to my top LP track is "In Pieces" with a mere 12 plays xD (well thats only since i joined Jan 2001 since i've kept record and you joined back in 2007! )

    In Pieces 12
    Given Up 11
    Reading My Eyes 10
    A.06 (Live) 10
    A.06 9
    Standing In The Middle (ft. Motion Man) 9
    No More Sorrow 9
    No More Sorrow (Live In Seattle) 9
    No More Sorrow (Third Encore Session) 9
    Step Up 8

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    According to iTunes: (The ATS songs I listen more on youtube cause of the HD music videos)

    1. Numb (275)
    2. In The End (267)
    3. Crawling (249)
    4. Faint (242)
    5. From The Inside (239)
    6. What I've Done (237)
    7. One Step Closer (229)
    8. Papercut (225)
    9. Breaking The Habit (221)
    10. Somewhere I Belong (192)

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    Leave Out All the Rest was #1

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