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    So how's your year going?

    We are nearly half way through the year.

    So how is it going for you?

    Answer honestly. I have a pet hate for "How are you?" it's a common question that everyone just gives a generic answer too. It bugs me a huge amount. "Yea.. I'm good". No. Tell me how you really are feeling, tell me how it really is, let me experience who you are for a moment.

    How do you feel about this year? What's worked, what hasn't and what are you doing about it? what's Rocked, what's sucked, how would you rate this year so far? How are your goals/new years resolutions going.

    So LPA, be brutally honest. Lay it all bare or get lost.

    Tell me a little story about YOUR year.

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    Extremely H! Vltg3
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    My music teacher is pretty damn hot, but unfortunately, my class only has 5 weeks left of music class, and no one takes it seriously.
    Got in touch with my spirit guide, and he's awesome!
    Started posting in this old forum I haven't gone to in months.
    Maybe moving house, this place sucks.
    Still have no idea what career I want when I leave school.
    Pretty hyped for Living Things.
    My Dad might be getting married soon, my Mum is already engaged.
    So, uh, yeah. That's pretty much it!

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    Got a second job . . . so really nothing much . . . .
    R.I.P. Taylor Weir 1993 - 2013

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    Christ. The year really is halfway over already. Jeez....

    Quit my first full-time job after growing tired of the rigorous travel schedule. Made sure I had another position lined up first of course.
    Started at the new place in February. A much much better experience.
    LIVING THINGS is coming out soon.
    Enjoying my relationship that is coming up on 3 years running.
    Planning an engagement in the next 12-15 months

    Overall, 2012 has been pretty good
    My bloodtype is KRYLON - Technicolor Type-A

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    because the internet
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    If you're every having a shitty day, week, month, year - just know, you're that much closer to as Robert Barone calls it, the big bed.

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    I'm about to enter the ninth grade next month.
    I'm hyped for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man.
    I felt like my life was complete after watching The Avengers.
    I joined LPA two months ago and I love all of you guys. No homo.
    I have a boring summer.


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    It's going pretty good.

    Just traveling when possible, and hanging out with people. :3

    Props to mrxtothez for signature.
    Life is like a never ending road; the never is short but the ending is long.

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    WORST YEAR SO FAR! ...where to start?
    - after getting fired from my job right before Christmas last year, I am unable to find a decent job
    - I've been broke all year, can't buy shit!
    - I've been super depressing lately
    - BID and LGM kinda suck, so yeah...

    Hopefully things will get better...
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    I guess I found what could be a career since my boss started letting me climb and trimb the trees. Pretty hyped for LT. Pretty excited for doomsday. I really hope it lives up to all the hype
    Still known as Pidgeon

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    Awful start to be honest. Won't go into details, not something I wanna talk about. But the next couple of months look like they will be better

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    Well, school isn't going to well (stress and exams... a LOT OF THEM.) but they will end soon when I move up into the next form year in a months time.... I got a load of new stuff yesterday, pretty hyped for LIVING THINGS... And i'm going on holiday in 3 days!

    And of course, its summer here, and its actually hot, thank you Britain xD... So, the sun makes everyone a lot happier, and we break up from school for half-term while i'm on holiday, so yeah... Lots of good things to look foward too, and its my birthday in 2 months time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pidgeon View Post
    Pretty excited for doomsday.
    Me too! It's going to be a glorious day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheZlajaZlo View Post
    Me too! It's going to be a glorious day.
    Lmao here's to the end of life as we know it. . .

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    My year is going pretty damn fine. I knew since the last one that this year would be pivotal for me...

    I finished my LAST semester in college in march, and I'm on my way to starting my internships and hopefully make my thesis fast enough to graduate before the end of the year.

    The Rasmus released an album on April. (My 2nd ALL TIME favorite band)

    Linkin Park releases an album in June. (My ALL TIME favorite band)

    I started posting actively on the GREATEST Linkin Park community ever and witnessed site history with my very eyes. And I'm here to stay.

    I got a Retweet from Mike Shinoda on April the 2nd

    Mike quoted and replied a tweet of mine the day of the Billboard Awards (and the DA FAQ? picture became famous)

    Liverpool won the Carling Cup (though we had a terrible year, and the Cup won't cover that up)

    Definitely college is the most important thing, nothing tops graduating finally as an Engineer after 5 years, so I hope I can finish 2012 in style.

    I hope all of you guys are doing good as well, and if it's not doing very good so far, I hope it turns around
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    Extremely H! Vltg3
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    I guess I should update on how my year's going, since stuff changes a lot for me.
    My best friend is annoying but awesome, as always.
    A ghost is attached to my aura, be he's nice, so it's alright. And sorta creepy...
    School sucks, but it always does.
    I want to move house, but it's not that likely.
    I just won't stop growing taller, lol!
    I really don't want to grow up...
    I have no idea what career I want when I'm older.
    And it turns out I haven't met my spirit guide yet, but I can sense spirits, ghosts etc...

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    still at school doing alright
    have a bit of friends so thats ok
    music class is hectic and alot of pressure cause if the teacher asks you to play a song and you have only half finished you feel intimidated
    economics class is hard now not like before it was easy, just failed a test for it so not happy about that
    rest of subjects is OK

    in this year so far looking forward to:
    -linkin park album
    -halo 4
    -resident evil 6
    -finishing this year of school

    And no I'm not your soldier, I'm not taking any orders

    I'm a five star general infantry controller, need a lesson, let me show you.

    Have you checking your composure while I make you step to it like

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