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    Lies Greed Misery on youtube. Sorry if this has been posted.

    I apologize if there is already a thread for this but I didn't see it.

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    That video has been posted a few times around the forums.

    Official "leak" will be out later and available on the LPA soon so if you stick around you'll get an amaze-balls quality for free soon.
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    That's what I was waiting for! Okay didn't see it but was sure it was posted.

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    The USB drive that the song was on was obtained by our very own moderator, Joe. Mike gave him explicit directions to leak that track! It will be an LPA Exclusive! We just have to wait for him to get home.
    The cycle repeated as explosions broke in the sky
    all that I needed was the one thing I couldn't find
    And you were there at the turn waiting to let me know
    We're building it up to break it back down
    We're building it up to burn it down
    We can't wait to burn it to the ground
    The colors conflicted as the flames climbed into the clouds
    I wanted to fix this but couldn't stop from tearing it down
    And you were there at the turn caught in the burning glow
    And I was there at the turn waiting to let you know
    You told me yes you held me high And I believed when you told that lie
    I played that soldier you played king And struck me down when I kissed that ring
    You lost that right to hold that crown I built you up but you let me down
    so when you fall I'll take my turn and fan the flames as your blazes burn

    A fire needs a space to burn, a breath to build a glow.

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