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    Which Song represents each member.

    So I decided to just have some sorting/hypothetical fun. Every song Linkin Park has written represents all of them as a collective. In my opinion, without each individual member, Linkin Park wouldn't be Linkin Park. However, I thought it would be fun and different to assign each song a member of the band in an attempt to guess who it would represent, so here I go.

    1. LOST IN THE ECHO-Pheonix
    2. IN MY REMAINS-Rob Bourdon
    3. BURN IT DOWN-Brad Delson
    4. LIES GREED MISERY- Chester Bennington
    5. I'LL BE GONE-Chester Bennington
    6. CASTLE OF GLASS-Mike Shinoda
    7. VICTIMIZED-Chester Bennington
    9. SKIN TO BONE-Joe Hahn
    10. UNTIL IT BREAKS-Mike Shinoda
    11. TINFOIL-Joe Hahn
    12. POWERLESS-Brad Delson

    There you go, now everyone start making lists! Also, if you want, you could also just describe how you think one track represents a member of the band! Have fun!

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    Well, how do you think those songs "represent" particular band members?

    Used to take one / now, it takes four

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    And who the fuck is "Pheonix"?
    I am not Mike Shinoda.

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    I don't see this as being particularly relevant for discussion. Closed.

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