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    because the internet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd View Post
    True that. On the day my mom got her iPhone, she was so clueless she thought the app store was a physical store that you had to go to to buy apps. 3 days later, she's surfing the web, checking her e-mail, texting, listening to music, Facebooking and playing Angry Birds on it. She even put her grocery list in the Notes app before she went to the store, and did that all by herself, because it wasn't something I showed her. I was quite impressed. No way could she do that on that Android UI, there's just way too much going on. Even my dad was playing with her phone and he's more computer illiterate than my mom.

    Don't get me wrong, I like widgets. I wish I could have widgets on my iOS home screen, it's one thing I miss from Android. But there's no denying that iOS wins usability hands down.
    Well said, Todd.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryo Hazuki View Post
    Okay, I'm set to concede about everyone's points about iOS. It's not for me though.

    I really hate Apple's closeness and "clean"ness and how they operate as a company and try to sue people over the most mundane and stupid of things.
    Then that'll be the business end of Apple - I don't think anyone likes it.

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    Money Maker Mike
    I love iPhones because of their simplicity. Androids have a more complex look, while iPhones look much cleaner. The multi-task actually helps quite a bit for some people. Also, samsung apps and google market combined have less apps than the app store. You can do so many things with an iPhone. As an android owner, I stil prefer the iPhone. But yeah, they're really overpriced.

    It's mostly a taste thing. Some people will like Androids, some will like iPhones, and others will like windows-based smartphones.

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    Google owns youtube now and Rebecca Black should approve of anything Google owns. Without them she's nothing.

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    wow what a conversation, i guess i cant make any conclusion while reading your posts. in simple terms i can just say that they are both well made assets

    And no I'm not your soldier, I'm not taking any orders

    I'm a five star general infantry controller, need a lesson, let me show you.

    Have you checking your composure while I make you step to it like

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    This whole conversation is really kind of over my head. All I can say is I own an android and I do love it however if the iPhone is anything like my itouch (that was stolen ) then the iphone is probably a Lot more user friendly and. . . Convenient, I guess. But I'm not really in a position to say which I prefer
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