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    Cool Helllo I'm neww heree welll just a bit ;)

    Hello everyone on the forum! My nickname is David. And my former LPA username was xhalo2x.

    I've been here for a long time, but haven't posted regularly. Today I decided to introduce myself with the new username. Currently I'm a student in college living in California, USA. I was introduced to LP when I was in middle school around the period when Live In Texas came out. Then I checked all their songs and fell in love with this band --I consider myself as a hardcore LP fan .

    I've been following LPA since the MTM-era (2007-ish). Now I'm very excited to hear the new album and to meet new friends on LPA. I would like to thank all the staffs for their amazing efforts to keep the site running smoothly, especially responding with a server upgrade recently, and providing fans and others with the latest news. YOU DA BESTZ, LPA!
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    Welcome to LPA, David!
    I make money.

    I said, "Mike, I'm coming for you, homie"
    Cause Mike's always got my back when I'm lonely
    And I always got his back when we fight
    I'm coming for you, Mike, Imma save your life

    Krispy Kreme is my Best Friend.

    Formerly known as Rebecca Black

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    It feels weird welcoming someone who's account is "older" than mine, but, welcome!

    Take it how you take it, I'm the opposite of vacancy

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    hi david, welcome to LPA

    And no I'm not your soldier, I'm not taking any orders

    I'm a five star general infantry controller, need a lesson, let me show you.

    Have you checking your composure while I make you step to it like

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    Welcome to LPA....*snickers*

    Vdalem's Cookies!

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    Welcome back to the LPA!!

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    Welcome back!

    I feel like we start getting into a really dangerous territory when we start trying to write around the idea of what some third-party thought of what our music should be when they can't even comprehend on how to tell us what that thing is, or guide us in a direction that can get us there musically or creatively, or anything. You know, having to have a specific type of song; forcing music to conform to that frame of mind is causing a lot of noise to be in and it's getting away from the song. (...) Let's stop trying to do things that other people want us to do, and let's get back to just being fluid, and writing songs, coming with ideas, and being like, "hey, let's check this out", and grading things, and being honest.

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    Welcome back, David!

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    Welcome back to the madness: awesome:
    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    Right? [...] Liz is more than just hot though. She is fucking awesome all around. FACT. Anyone who disagrees is a dick hole, and I will fight them with my bare hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian Girl
    And she... Lizzed in her pants.

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