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    Post your favourite Linkin Park live performances

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    Moved this to the On Stage forum.

    Also, I would say that any performance of APFMH over BIO would be my favorite. That's live performing at perfection.

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    Probably like the whole Red Square. Amazing concert.



    this is a trick

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    I love alot of Linkin Park's performances, but yeah!

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    Wish cover, Rock am Ring 04
    Breaking the habit, itunes fest
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    (unexpected for a 2010 performance)
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    I never saw this one before until now, Mike's performance at the end is crazy. I had no idea he could sing that agressive.
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    Note- Not my video.
    First LP concert ever, won't forget it! I hope to go to another one!
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    I'm not going to fetch videos, but I will say a few of my favorites...

    First off, Live in Texas was amazing. Those days were LP in their prime as far as I'm concerned. Unmatched energy, insanely aggressive rapping and singing vocals. Power chords were vicious. It just really worked.

    There was a period from like 2008-2010 I thought their live performances started to get dull. After ATS came out though, I felt they revamped a lot of things. Watching When They Come For Me live is always a treat, and I'm always particularly fond of New Divide live.

    Oh, and the intro to the Red Square from last year right before New Divide plays is awesome too. Fuck it...I'll get a video. haha

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    "From The Inside", live @ MTV2's 2$ Bill Show, 2003

    "In The End", live @ Rock AM Ring, 2004

    "Given Up", live in-studio for AOL Sessions, 2007

    "Iridescent", live @ Madison Square Garden, 2011

    I also really liked the "Saturday Night Live" performance of "Waiting For The End" but there isn't a good rip of that on YouTube ;"

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    Faint - Rock Am Ring (2007)

    Easily my favourite performance I've seen of the band. Chester is just demonic during that outro.

    A Place for my Head - London O2 Arena (2008)

    It may not be as vicious a song as it was in 2003-04, but when that classic guitar riff starts up after that mysterious extended intro it gives me chills. And Chester's scream that links the 2nd chorus to the bridge is INSANE.

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