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    Regarding Posting Links/Bootlegs of Leaked 5th Album Tracks/Snippets

    Effective immediately, in the interest of protecting both the LPA, it's staff and it's interests we must ask that people do not post any links to/audio from Linkin Park's upcoming 5th album, unless the audio is provided through an official source (as in Amazon, Rolling Stone, etc) and not through a torrent site/pirate website. Also please do not PM links to said tracks to other members, or use LPA as a gateway towards any activity that could be construed as violating Linkin Park/Warner Bros copyrights. If you feel that you have 5th album audio that is news worthy and "legal" to post, please contact one of our moderating staff (purple) or administrators (red) and we ourselves will make the decision as to whether or not such audio is legal and okay to report as news. Do not take it upon yourselves to post it on our forums, as could the track be real (and illegally uploaded) it could open up LPA to legal recourse from being a gateway to such audio. Please leave such decisions to the moderator/admin you have contacted.

    Again, while we understand the fervor and excitement that many fans possess towards hearing new music, we have to do what we can to ensure LPA's 10 year run lasts for another 10 years and this new policy is one of the changes we have to make.

    Thank you in advance for your full understanding.

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    Just wanted to bump this again for people to see, since a leak is imminent within the next week or two.

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