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    Wooo! + How I met chester in Disneyland :D

    Hey everyone! My names Arun and I have been listening to Linkin park since I was 13 . Here's a story about how I met Chester in Disneyland Paris in 2009 when I was 14 (Yes one year later after discovering them). Basically we were going on the Haunted Mansion ride and it was really dark and we were like, taking some weird maze to get to the entrance when my dad goes "look at those pricks taking a short cut on the other side".

    When we got into the small room I saw Chesters flamey tattoos! I said to my dad "do you think thats Chester?" and he replied with "If it is, I take back what I said earlier". I was literally gonna run up to him and say hello but realised he was speaking french and my face went from to

    I eventually decided to take a gamble because I thought to myself "how many people look like Chester AND have flamey tattoos?"

    I went up to him and was greeted by some massive black guy! (no racism intended) No joke he was huge, think hes in a few of there behind the scenes and live in texas dvd. He told me to go away because Chester wanted "Family time", yet Chester gently pushed him aside and said "Pleasure to meet you" and extended his arm out for a hand shake! I basically just said hey and stuff and then he walked up to my dad (dont know how he knew he was my dad, he must be a wizard or something) and shook his hand too.

    He walked back up to me and said "do you want to have a chat and a picture after the ride is over?", obviously I said yes!

    By this time I obviously couldn't care less for the ride and was just thinking if he would actually of waited for me afterwards. When coming out the ride exit and down the steps he was just waiting there for me with his family! I was literally over the moon as the odds of seeing Chester and his family in Disneyland Paris is so SLIM!

    We basically just talked about how I could play like every LP song ever and then just talked about Dead By Sunrise

    Thats my story! Finally decided to join up to the boards too after all these years seeing as i'm now becoming a forumdooer. Im here to stay! Hope you enjoyed the story!

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    This officially makes you the luckiest LP fan I ever met.
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    I don't want to call you a lucky bastard but... yeah. Lucky bastard
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    Yeah I agree, lucky bastard . Amazing though, had no clue Chester knew some french but then again...he probably learns a few key phrases for when he travels. Amazing story though, he's a real good guy.
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    Wow. You are a lucky bastard.

    Welcome to the LPA!

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    Awesome story! Welcome to the boards! Hope to see you around

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    That was such a nice thing for Chester to do! You're so lucky.

    I see you've already discovered the Shoutbox! Don't forget to check out Random Chat for more lulz.

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    Chester waited for you - you are officially fuckin' badass.
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    Epic story! Cool new user
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    DX I want your life! And welcome
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    Amazing story, welcome to the LPA! Join us for some fun in Random Chat!

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    Awesome story! On behalf of the awesome committee, I would like to officially welcome you to the LPA!
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    You're one lucky person and cause you meeting Chester, you're our new best friend! Welcome!!

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    I met Chester too on youtube I clicked "play" button and he said "I've given uuuuuuuuuup" to my face

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