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    Best Albums of 2012

    Best albums of 2012:

    The Shins - Port of Morrow
    El-P - Cancer For Cure
    Aesop Rock - Skelethon
    Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music

    Best EPs of 2012:

    Peter Anthony Red - The Projectionist EP
    Illogic & Blockhead - Preparing for Capture
    Soul Khan - Wellstone EP


    Lana Del Rey - Born to Die
    Brother Ali - The Bite Marked Heart EP
    Copywrite - God Save the King
    Tenacious D - Rise of the Fenix
    Kristoff Krane - Fanfaronade
    Steven Wilson & Mikael Åkerfeldt - Storm Corrosion
    Linkin Park - LIVING THINGS
    Nas - Life Is Good

    Kicked out:

    Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point
    Logic - Young Sinatra: Undeniable
    Illmaculate - Skrill Talk
    Slaughterhouse - Welcome to: Our House

    Anticipating for 2012:

    La Coka Nostra - Masters Of the Dark Arts [July]
    Brother Ali - Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color [Aug]
    Apathy - It's The Bootleg Motherfucker, Vol. 3: Fire Walk With Me [Sept]
    John Frusciante - PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone
    Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2 [Sept]
    Megahertz - Megacy [Oct]

    Chino XL - RICANstruction
    Tonedeff - Chico And The Man
    Skylar Grey - Invinsible*
    Kenna - Songs for Flight
    Asher Roth - Is This Too Orange?*
    Get Busy Committee - Opening Ceremony
    Brown Bag All Star - Brown Bag Season Vol. 1
    Diabolic - Fightin' Words
    Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid in a Mad City
    Immortal Technique - The Middle Passage
    Demigodz - KILLmatic
    Man Bites Dog Records - The Swashbucklers Vol. 1
    Imogen Heap - Heapsongs
    Peter Anthony Red - Hyperrealism
    Illogic - Capture the Sun

    Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole - TBA
    How to Destroy Angels - TBA
    Ryu - TBA
    J. Cole - TBA
    Possessed - TBA
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    P.O.S & Astronautalis - The Four Fists
    Skylar Grey - Invinsible
    Linkin Park - TBA
    Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor 2
    Coheed and Cambria - TBA

    Really not sure what else. I was kinda looking forward to Get Busy Committee's Opening Ceremony, but after listening to the mixtape I'm kinda disappointed.
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    Anticipating Linkin Park, The Killers, Muse, Freelance Whales, AAR, MGMT, Paramore, Of Montreal, Vampire Weekend, The xx, Phoenix, Green Day, Billy Talent.

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    Anticipated shit... How to Destroy Angels debut album... uhhhh. WOLF by Tyler, The Creator...maybe an Earl Sweatshirt album towards the end of the year? That's wishful thinking at best, probably.. Let's see... Triple F Life by Waka Flocka Flame. Reign of Terror by Sleigh Bells. Sweet Heart Sweet Light by Spiritualized. I'd like some new music from S4LEM, the Mars Volta, The xx.... Is asking for a new Tool album too much?

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    Lp, muse, green day, how to destroy angels seems quite interesting, and crash kings

    edit: just heard about three days grace in the studio with our old buddy Don Gilmore. My interest is peaked
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    Three Days Grace and Don Gilmore? :/

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    Linkin Park
    Ellie Goulding
    The Glitch Mob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Three Days Grace and Don Gilmore? :/
    thats what the drummer says. And unlike old hot 99.5 I think we can count the drummer as a source close to the band

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Three Days Grace and Don Gilmore? :/
    Fitting. Although it's not like they're going to branch out into anything spectacular or anything.

    Looking forward to the next Black Arrow record, if it even happens. Legitimately recording an album while being as cheap as possible is an oxymoron.
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    Most of the Albums I'm looking forward to aren't even likely to come out this year anyway.

    LP, Foo fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Shinedown, Tool, Crosses... None are confirmed, but all are in the begining/middle of the writing process.

    Also Three Days Grace I'm interested in. Though Don Gilmore producing? Doesn't look like it'll be that great

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    Rodrigo y Gabriela - Area 52 (Jan 23)
    Down (EP)
    Alice In Chains

    Tool will probably get a new one out this year. LP & Metallica might, also.
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    Possible new Dead Letter Circus album.
    Slight chance of a new Linkin Park album.
    New Knife Party, yo.
    happy technology.

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    lmao people, The new Lp is coming out this year you all sound so uncertain. Barring something catastrophic (knock on wood) the album will be out this year. I guaaaaaaaaarantee it (
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    Anticipating :

    Taproot - Episodes (February 28th)
    12 Stones - Infected (February 28th)
    InMe - The Pride (February 29th)
    TeodasiA - Upwards (March 30th)
    Lostprophets - Weapons (April 2nd)
    Willet - Love On the Outside (April 3rd)
    Dragonforce - The Power Within (April 15th)
    Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity (June 29th)
    Morian - Ashen Empire (TBA)
    Mark Tremonti - All I Was (TBA)
    ReinXeed - Welcome To the Theatre (TBA)
    Papa Roach - TBA
    Stratovarius - TBA
    Hoobastank - TBA
    Derdian - TBA
    Pathfinder - TBA
    P.O.D. - TBA
    Fairyland - TBA
    Machinae Supremacy - TBA
    Serj Tankian - TBA
    Limp Bizkit - TBA
    Linkin Park - TBA
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    What's a 'Grey Daze'?
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    The Agonist
    12 Stones
    Black Sabbath
    Haji's Kitchen
    Linkin Park

    They are all dropping....

    Albums that have already dropped:

    Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
    Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
    Savage Messiah - Plague Of Conscience

    So far so good.

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    Guilin, China.
    Anticipating albums from

    Linkin Park
    Green Day
    The Shins
    The XX
    Alice in Chains
    Ellie Goulding
    The Glitch Mob
    How to Destroy Angels
    Lupe Fiasco
    Holly Brook (refuse to call her skylar grey for the moment)

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    What's a 'Grey Daze'?
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    My anticipated albums for the year
    Green Day
    Say Anything - Anarchy My dear
    Eisley - Deep Space
    Wavves - (nothing announced yet but i have a feeling they'd put out something this year)
    Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror
    OFWGKTA - Odd Future Tape: Vol. 2
    Mellowhype - Numbers
    Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania
    New MGMT album

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    Anticipating a lot of stuff, probably won't even hear many of these records, but that's it:

    Linkin Park - TBA [TBA]
    Metallica - TBA [TBA]
    The Offspring - TBA [TBA]
    The Killers - TBA [TBA]
    OneRepublic - TBA [TBA]
    Paramore - TBA [TBA]?
    Pearl Jam - TBA [TBA]?
    Soundgarden - TBA [TBA]
    Bad Religion - TBA [TBA]
    Billy Talent - X [late spring 2012]
    Green Day - TBA [TBA]
    Metric - TBA [TBA]
    Millencolin - TBA [TBA]
    Muse - TBA [TBA]
    P!nk -TBA [TBA]
    Sick Puppies - TBA [TBA]?
    Skylar Grey - Invinsible [TBA]
    Slash - TBA [TBA]
    Stone Temple Pilots - TBA [TBA]?
    The All American Rejects - Kids In The Street [March 27, 2012]
    Three Days Grace - TBA [TBA]
    Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Light [February 6, 2012]
    Yellowcard - TBA [TBA]?
    Lostprophets - Weapons [April 2, 2012]

    The ones with a question mark aren't much likely to come out this year.

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    LP - TBA

    Crosses - EP ††

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    Adding Metric to my anticipation list.

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