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    Hi LPA! Greetings from Scotland


    Firstly, thanks to all those who put work into LPA – it's a great site! I've been following your site for about a year and a half before signing up. I started posting just a couple of days ago.

    My name's Michael. Feel free to call me what you wish here on LPA (within reason ): Michael, m_macdonald, Mac, Mike, it's all good!

    I'm from Aberdeen, in nice (if a little cold) part of Scotland, UK. My primary interests are music and audio production. I'm an aspiring songwriter and producer/engineer, with wild delusions of trying to break into the music industry in London. I play violin and guitar (I took studies in Classical guitar at College for a couple of years), and have some basic ability in singing, piano and percussion. I'm currently an English student, and I enjoy being a part-time swimming coach for a swim team in my hometown. I also enjoy long, romantic walks along the beach... oh no wait, wrong website.

    I can honestly say I had zero interest in music before listening to Linkin Park. I received Hybrid Theory in 2002 for my 12th birthday, quickly buying Reanimation and Meteora as they were released in the months that followed. With no exaggeration, they are solely responsible for kick starting my obsessive interest in all things music, and all things production and engineering. They are my favourite band by a long way.

    After years of having never had the chance to see them live, I've now seen them twice in the last year, most recently at the iTunes Festival in London, complete with a Meet and Greet (amazing day).

    I have no interest in genre barriers in music and love anything great, regardless of style. A few select favourite artists include: Incubus, P.O.D., U2, Bach, Fort Minor, The Police, J Dilla, Jay-Z, Our Lunar Activities (sadly defunct Scottish band), Professor Green, Our Lady Peace, Secret Suburbia (little known Canadian band), Lostprophets, Ludovico Einaudi, The Audition, The Beatles, Eminem, Dead By Sunrise, Skindred, Dert, Living Sacrifice, Boards Of Canada, Metallica and In Flames.

    I'm looking forward to being a part of the LPA community. Come and say hello!


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    Welcome to LPA! Glad you decided to join us! Hope to see you here a lot more often .
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    cool, welcome to LPA you will have a great time i was only hear for a month and it is awesome here at LPA,

    And no I'm not your soldier, I'm not taking any orders

    I'm a five star general infantry controller, need a lesson, let me show you.

    Have you checking your composure while I make you step to it like

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    Welcome to the LPA! It is awesome here. I should know!

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    Hi, welcome to the LPA! That's an awesome introduction post. Hope you stick around

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    Wecome to the LPA.

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