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    A Thousand Suns Artwork meaning

    What does it all mean? Those hybrid creatures and distorted images?

    (good looking artwork btw)

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    I don't really think it is supposed to have any actual meaning behind it. Just the style of art that Linkin Park had felt appropriate for the style of music they were creating.
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    I'm only commenting in this thread 'cause of Jeff's sig: Emma Stone is fucking adorable.

    The artwork is a reference to technology taking over which is why ATS is full of effects that are a bitch to recreate live.*
    *The above statement is no way confirmed as true.

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    Wait hybrid creatures?

    Like Hybrid Theory?! #everythingIsConnectedIfYouMakeUpPatterns
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    I think the artwork they chose for ATS is fitting because they wanted the album to be different and unique, and the artwork also is just that. It's unique and different than what most bands would use for album artwork. I don't really know, some of the art kind of relates to some of the lyrics in the songs on ATS, but some doesn't, not exactly sure.

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    Because of the crazy sound effects maybe? Wisdom Justice and Love really creeped me out the first time lol.
    Yeah here we go for the millionth time...

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    "It means what ever you want it to mean." That is what they told us during the LPU Summit.

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    well, one thing is sure.
    you can criticize them for the music, a lot of people don't like that change...
    but god damn it, they can make some kick ass artworks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shok15 View Post
    well, one thing is sure.
    you can criticize them for the music, a lot of people don't like that change...
    but god damn it, they can make some kick ass artworks.
    Nah, you can criticize their art too. Not that I would, but I could.

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    Art Meaning Explained

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    "It means what ever you want it to mean." That is what they told us during the LPU Summit.
    To me the album art has many meanings;
    on a physical level it depicts a nuclear blast and there is shadows that could possibly be from other moons or planets. The three shadows could possibly represent the no 11 song 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' that stands against the destruction of man kind, the thousand suns. Also the size difference between them may represent how important each one of those aspects are.
    The three shadows also gives the perspective of a middle finger, index finger and thumb sheilding the almighty power of the nuclear explosion as if someone were looking ino the sky, trying to sheild their eyes from the bright light. The white light also looks slightly like a white dove that is usually used to represent life, and this white dove may represent humanitie's life and the surrounding darkness is the death that will come about.

    Even though the album art is simple, it very much fits the genre of the album's music, and the main concept of nuclear warefare and what it confronts to humanity.

    ...But that is just my opinion
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    with the name from their previous album M2M, chester said that with the name of the album you can relate it with anything, like a thousand suns i think the name can be relate to anything but my question is: what can you relate it to? the only time when it mentions a thousand suns is in the catalyst (god save us everyone will we burn inside the fire of a thousand sun) and it talks about soldiers fighting in war so most likely i think a thousand suns is a process of death and the song is asking for help to save them from this particular process, that's what i think a thousand suns means.

    please quote me if you have another point of view

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