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    11.06.2011 - Nickelsdorf, Austria - Nova Rock Festival 2011

    Tonight Linkin Park will be playing the first show of their European Summer Tour, beginning with the Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria.

    This show follows two festival appearances in the US last week where the band played the KROQ Weenie Roast on June 4th & Live 105's BFD on June 5th. At these shows the band played a set of 22 songs, similar to that played on their US A Thousand Suns Tour earlier this year, however they did switch up the order in the later stages of the set, closing with Bleed It Out on the first night, and One Step Closer on the second, along with a few other changes. They did however emit Shadow of the Day and Fallout from the set, which became a staple of the same set early in 2011.

    What do you think the band have in store for their European fans? Will we see any more set changes during this summer tour? What tracks would you like to see Linkin Park include?

    After this show Linkin Park will head to the UK for Download Festival the very next day and then onto Sweden on the 14th.

    Keep updated with all the tour dates, setlists, tour videos and photos at the LPA Tour Page!

    Are you heading to the Nova Rock Festival tonight? Let us know on the LPA Forums!

    01. The Requiem
    02. Papercut
    03. Lying From You
    04. Given Up
    05. What I've Done
    06. Empty Spaces
    07. When They Come For Me
    08. No More Sorrow
    09. Jornada Del Muerto
    10. Waiting For The End
    11. Wisdom Justice and Love
    12. Iridescent
    13. Numb
    14: The Radiance
    15. Breaking The Habit
    16. The Catalyst
    17. Crawling
    18. New Divide
    19. In The End
    20. Bleed It Out (Burning In The Skies chorus over bridge)
    21. Faint
    22. One Step Closer

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    I'm so happy about this tour..even i won't be going..but i might be at Asia tour haaa.Rock on!!!

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    i wish i could go tonight

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    I wanted to go SO BAD to see them (and Dredg, Guano Apes and 30STM), but I have to study for an exam...

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    I already had a ticket but unfortunately I had to resell it. I think that the setlist wonīt be very different from the US setlist, but I think they will include BITS. I think Rob mentioned it in an interview that probably they will play BITS in Europe but all in all I donīt expect huge differences.
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    Excited to see if they'll be re-doing the setlist for this tour. Would be neat to see some unexpected songs in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheZlajaZlo View Post
    I wanted to go SO BAD to see them (and Dredg, Guano Apes and 30STM), but I have to study for an exam...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
    I saw them in october last year and they've played the same setlist, so I didn't miss nothing new.
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    seems like not a big change in the setlist in the upcoming tour xD but it doesn't matter! Just 9 days until the summit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    20. Bleed It Out (Burning In The Skies chorus over bridge)
    Haha, wow.

    Maybe the should fucking play all of Burning in the Skies to, you know, promote their new album. Must....let....this....go.

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