I'm cleaning the mess of your presence
Somehow our story doesn't make sense
On my skin, your touch feels like a dart
But it hasn't touched my heart

Verse 1

I was your drug that you took
Lacking hope in life, you looked
innocent and weary, full of sadness
When my thoughts began to sharpen
I realised you became another person
and stealing my bits of happiness

Chorus 1

How could it be
that you meant everything to me?
I don't need you
I don't miss you
How did you make
me so blinded? You are fake
I don't need you
like the way you do

Verse 2

You've injected poison in me
You betrayed me carelessly
But in your heart you want me back
I've become harder than bricks
Your presence makes me sick
Your mind is narrow, white and black



And I've taken all your blame
You kept giving me the shame
You started the ending
And I will end it

Verse 3

My comfort is what you want
Your soul has become cheap and instant
You're begging for me now




I've cleaned up the mess of your presence
Now that's been cleaned up, it makes sense