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    Gallery Updates 03/03/2011

    The LPA has made several updates to our gallery over the last few weeks/months. Below is a roundup of all the recent gallery updates:

    Waiting For The End HD (added 11/24/2010) 69 images:

    Burning In The Skies HD (added 02/24/2011) 98 images:

    Linkin Park Live @ Madision Square Garden (FUSE) HD (added 02/28/2011) 298 images:

    In addition to the above updates, we also recommend that you check out our Live Shows section which contains images submitted by YOU or valued visitors:

    Remember that you can always submit your own pictures to us, of any Linkin Park show you've gone to (past or present) by going to and finding your own show, and then clicking the "submit images" or "submit video" option. Alternatively if you have a LOT of images from one show, you may create a zip file and email it to inquiries[at] Please be sure to notate what show it is from and what date/venue it was in the email.

    We hope you enjoy these updates, and we look forward to continuing to serve you our valued visitors in the months ahead.
    The LPA is self funded. We support our hosting costs out of pocket and through ads, and although we do not expect our users to donate...any monetary contribution helps.
    To donate towards hosting costs and help support the site, please click on the Donate button below.

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    I'm really happy to see the gallery making a splash on the forum page.

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    This gallery gives me my "O" Face

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    Amazing screen capture^^^

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