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    Breast-Feeding mother Targeted by TSA

    Fucking uncalled for.

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    I reckon breast feeding mothers in public get given so much shit. Even when I covered up with a blanket, etc, I got given shit from people who think it's wrong to feed an infant in public. GAH. People like this piss mothers like me off a lot. There was a politician here that got asked to leave a parliament sitting because she was feeding her kid. It's so much bullshit discrimination.

    edit. This video disgusts me. Do they not know that you cannot hide things in your breastmilk? I mean, yeah you can hide things in your breasts, but you're breastmilk?! Wtf?! Yeah I'm going to hide some coke in my breastmilk.
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    TSA is bound to piss everyone off now eh? This, along with the kid who was strip searched at the airport is really just fucking ridiculous.
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    That's the TSA for you.

    They fucking love me being a foreign guy with Asian features (even though I'm only one quarter Asian). Every time I go through US security I'm stopped and searched along with all the other ethnic people. Don't even get me started about US border patrol either.

    Sorry guys, but unless there's a strong protest with alot of support, shit like this will only become more and more frequent. I don't want to hear any of this "well I'd rather be safe than sorry" bullshit because quite frankly it's nonsense. You go through ridiculous levels of security these days, particularly in US Airports and yet they're still beefing up security with full-body scans. It's the age of paranoia alright. I'm not one of these people who's constantly looking for ways to fight the establishment or the government or any of that shit, but when people like the TSA put their interpretation of safety regulations before federal law, you have a problem on your hands.

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    I'd rather be safe than sorry, but this is ridiculous. There's only so much the TSA should be allowed to do, and this is not part of it.

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    The TSA is the sole reason I'm making the trip home for Christmas by train (a 21-hour trip), as opposed to flying, which I could've done for the same price and gotten there in a third of the time. I'll start flying when people at airports start being treated like people again.
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    I feel much safer now. Fucking loose cannon that woman is.

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