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    Chi Cheng Benefit 2011

    There is another benefit concert being held for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng this January.

    Another benefit concert has been organized for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who continues to recover from a 2008 car crash that initially left him in a coma. Chiís story is one of the saddest Iíve ever heard and whenever I hear about Chi or think about his situation, I want to cry.
    A show first scheduled for January 15 at the Slidebar in Fullerton, California, the event is currently being revamped to be a multi-night affair benefit. More details on the show will be revealed soon.

    So who is playing the event? Not the Deftones. Doesnít that strike anyone else as strange? P.O.D., Dredg, Head, Hoobastank, Anew Revolution, Crucified, The Accident Experiment and others. Man, this show would be worth it just for Dredg.

    Also in the works is an all-star jam session featuring members of Shinedown, Anthrax, Breaking Benjamin, Atreyu, Papa Roach, Lit among others.

    Money raised at the benefit will help cover the costs of getting Cheng to New Jersey to be under the direct care of the International Brain Research Foundation.
    Should be a great concert, but it seems a little off that the Deftones might not be performing. Though, not all the details are laid out for us yet.
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    I don't see how it's more than maybe a tiny bit strange.

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    If memory serves me correctly, the first benefit show(s?) had a far superior line-up. Of course, that's not what this is about, but if I'm going to donate money to Chi Cheng, I'd rather just donate to a paypal account or something of that nature, I don't know if I'd want to see HOOBASTANK and Breaking Benjamin.

    Although, that guy is correct. It'd be all worth it just to see Dredg live. But, again, that's not what this is about, it's about helping out someone who literally can't help himself. It's just too bad all these mediocre bands have to play at the shows.

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