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    Still waiting, no E-mail. Nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maik_gianino View Post
    Still waiting, no E-mail. Nothing.
    Neither have I, but on the website I pre-ordered it from it said they'll be shipping on the 15th. Where are you located?
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    When bought from a different country store, another company looks after the shipping etc.
    For example, I live in New Zealand and Digirama shipped mine.
    I received no email but the package was still delivered, earlier than expected too.
    If it has past 48 hours after the shipping date and you still have heard nothing, use the contact details emailed to you when you purchased the product or the details mentioned on the country site.
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    I got a mail says that my item is shipped, but I got TBD in the tracking. What does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AStarkson View Post
    I got a mail says that my item is shipped, but I got TBD in the tracking. What does that mean?
    To be determined. That just means they don't have an estimate as to when your package will ship
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    did anyone notice that in the booklet that came with the CD in the deluxe version that the lyric page for blackout is before the one for WFTE? not that it really matters, i just thought it was a bit odd
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