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    Reanimation & ATS

    Does anyone else feel that Reanimation sorta gave them that same kind of Journey that ATS has ? I definitely do. Everytime I heard it i would play it front to back non stop and at the end i would be like WOWW what an experience !! Sorta how ATS makes me feel.. even though i may say Reanimation does that a bit better than ats. Also keeping recurring melodies like ATS (Requiem, Jornada, Burning in the skies, Fallout, The Catalyst) it did that with crawling (Opening, Ntr/mission, Krwlng) .

    Sometimes I thought of Reanimation as sort of a story.. of someones life, in a metaphor - like way. --- (not necessarily regarding lyrics, but also moods and feeling of the tracks and songs. )

    Opening is the birth.
    Pts.of.Athry is the introduction to war, violence etc. in the world.
    Enth E nd is the sort of relief and kicking back from tension.
    The middlee of the album ranges from Love connection to frustration to ewantingg to run away, to cold Decembers, etcccc.
    Ultimately leading to 1stp Kloser - the Death and Krwlng - The Ressurection.

    I think reanimation is a great album and will still have that "experience" or journey elements to it ,,, like Ats...
    any thoughts .. ? (:

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    I kinda of felt that way. I felt like I was more on a synth journey than an actual journey. I loved the instrumentals on Reanimation.

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    It's funny cause today I called ATS the big brother of Rea. I think they both needed kind of the same mindset to go through the songs and be open to them.

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    I can't say Reanimation was a conceptual album but it was definitely an experience from beginning to end. A Thousand Suns is definitely a lot more of a journey, but I can see why Reanimation is similar.

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    Sonically, it's got that sense of consistency, and that's what, the band said, set it apart from other remix albums. I wish I could find the interview where they said that ... I think it was an interview with Chester, Brad and Joe where they answered questions from fans, and Brad left midway through ...
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