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    yo iam going to summer sanitarium tour on july 5 in toronto its gona be sick tickets wernt to expensive but it was worth it to c linkin park. well i kno iam going iam just wondering who all here is going to

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    iam new i messed up on the thing at the bottom sorry :wth:

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    :wth: Isn't there a thread on this already? :wth:

    Oh yeah, here it is. :chemist:

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    The thing on the bottom did not work because you didnt click "close all tags" when you were finished. It's a common problem I notice on threads, people forgot to close the tags.

    However, moving on to the purpose of this reply:

    This thread exists already somewhere else, please keep all conversation pertaining to summer sanitarium, IN the summer sanitarium thread, as I will not keep closing threads on the same topic. Thanks. -DJ
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