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    MLB to use instant replay starting Thursday

    It has been announced that Major League Baseball will implement instant replay starting this Thursday to allow umpires to check home run calls when needed.

    Source here:

    Thoughts? Opinions? I am a HUGE baseball fan myself and I'm for it. It's time for a change.
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    I'm behind this, though I think it needs to be used for all disputed calls. They claim it'd be too hard to implement — says who? What's hard about looking at a monitor to make sure a call is right or to overturn a wrong call? I think that's just their way of shimmying out of having to use it all the time, because they know they would have to use it two or three times in every game.

    I do think it's a good idea, though. Cleveland Indians left fielder Ben Francisco was screwed out of a three-run home run earlier this year by an inept second-base umpire. The ball hit a good four feet above the yellow line in left field, but it was ruled a ground-rule double and only one run scored. It was absolutely one of the most bullshit calls I've ever seen in the history of baseball. Just how do you fuck that up?
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