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    Um, sup?
    Names praya aka azemkamikaze03(on LPF)

    Im a mod over at LPF
    I like LP (obviously)
    Im an art fiend
    I rap
    Do music

    just basically do things like everyone else. I'm around basically to see if this site is good. People have told me negative things but I mean the people who tell me it are usually ppl who have been banned so im sure bias is in their opinions. I love the layout lol so I mean I hope i love the site too lol.

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    I'm Ron F***ing Swanson. Mark's Avatar
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    Don't believe them. They're just bitter because they couldn't follow rules. I can assure you they were banned for a good reason, whoever they are.

    Welcome to the forums! Be sure to read our rules. Have fun.

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    We're generally nice here. We don't really like when people go out of their way to be annoying or post a numerous amount of pointless threads. As long as you read the rules and abide by them you will be liked here and fit in nicely.


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    brodo $waggins
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    Sup. I know you from LPP. I go by hybridsoldier there

    Welcome to the site! Stick around and enjoy posting!

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