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    Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello has told that the band have already written several new tunes for the follow-up to this year's "Out Of Exile", some of which Audioslave will debut on the road this fall.

    "What we're hoping to do is follow in the footsteps of some of our favorite bands, like The Beatles, and make more music and not have it be two or three years between albums," Morello explained. "We want to make a lot of music. We enjoy writing music, recording it, putting it out and touring. We're going to try and make that cycle shorter so there's a lot more Audioslave music."

    Audioslave shot a video for the third single off "Out Of Exile", "Doesn't Remind Me", last month in Los Angeles with director Chris Milk, who has previously worked with Kanye West and Modest Mouse.

    "I had the idea [for the lyrics to] 'Doesn't Remind Me' the day before [the band played me the music in the studio], and it seemed like the perfect song to try out that idea," singer Chris Cornell told "One of the things that's very exciting to me is you have four accomplished musicians completely willing to play a three-chord song if it's a great song. That's important to me and speaks well of the band I'm in."
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    Here's another LINK that I saw on their website yesterday. Pretty much the same information. But I cannot wait for thier new album. I loved Out of Exile.

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    *partys down.

    cannot fucking wait, Chris Cornell is my idol.

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    Out of Exile was awesome. Can't wait for this.

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    I thought OoE was disappointing...

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    New Audioslave makes me happy in my pants.
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