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    Well, in all my work till now about love, it would always be that this couple is madly in love. But the dude thinks otherwise, and kills his love trying to preserve her forever.
    This work works the other way around. Enjoy females.


    I caution her to stride silently for her life,
    Run away or float on the edge of a knife,
    She bleeds as she slides down, drowning and cold,
    Drowning in fear, blood only to behold.
    No body wants to know why she wanders away,
    Nobody wants to help the fact that sheís gone astray,
    I donít want to bother either, but she follows me home,
    And how does she seem to know that I dwindle alone?
    How do I chase this shadow that haunts?
    Why is she here? What does she want?
    The closer she comes, her arms trying to reach,
    The darkness growing from her eyes, trying to preach.
    My nimble voice couldnít help me now,
    My sturdy legs even tremble, Iím pulled in doubt.
    Her cold finger touches my cheek, I canít even fall,
    It walks to my neck, no signs of withdrawal.
    And so with every second she seems closer to me,
    And I feel her right inside me now, her hate and misery.
    Why do my hands wrap around her in need?
    Why does she whisper about men and greed?
    Why do we hold each other when we are but strangers?
    Why do I love her as I do, when I can feel fatal danger?
    And with a swift bite, she tears my skin,
    It feels beautiful, murderous, as she steals my blood from within.
    What creature so crazy, what creature so vain?
    What creature had held me in her beauty and pain?
    I love her for she stole my self, my blood my soul,
    While she relives, in darkness her curse, I shall with hold.


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    inside four walls
    its awesome as always
    what more can i say???
    you know i have noticed an increase in your poetry about love crazed couples, should there be a reason behind it??
    maybe i should stop thinking.......................

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    much thanks.. .and yeh, you should stop thinking...

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