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    As a service to our visitors we would like to remind you all that MTV, CMT and VH1 will be airing a support concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The concert will take place this very Saturday (September 10th) and will run from 8 to 11PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Linkin Park's very own Chester Bennington is set to appear at this concert. Whether or not he will be premiering tracks from his upcoming solo album at this time is currentely unknown.
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    i hope this concert will raise some money to help out in a positive way

    Castle of Glass

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    i hope chester does atleast talk about his solo album.... make his own website or something or other.... i dont want him 2 rush things out tho lol

    and all my sympathies to the ppl who are homeless and starving

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    Does anyone know if this concert will be airing in the UK?

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    I have a feeling we will hear some of Chester's solo stuff, if you really think about it, he cant perform most of LP's songs without the others....breaking the habit maybe, My december, there's only a few.

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    If there's anything he can do alone at this point, it's "The Morning After." Seeing as it is only one guitar and one vocalist, that might be a possibility as slim as it is. It would be kind of surprising to see Chester perform brand new solo material when we don't know much about his solo project, but it would be interesting.

    Another possibility is that he might collaborate with another artist which will be performing at the relief concerts. That would also be interesting to see. We might see some new collaborations, you never know.

    The only other possible situation is that Chester is only appearing in support of the relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina, rather than actually performing. I am hoping he performs something new, though. I don't want to see him perform the typical Linkin Park stuff.

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    I think he should perform that stellar cover of Jane Says.
    I am not Mike Shinoda.

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