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Thread: Blind Fantasies

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    Blind Fantasies.

    A bolt of pain shoots through my mind,
    Iím casual about it as I turn blind,
    How often have I felt this way, I fail to realize,
    I swallow the fake love as I open these dark eyes.
    I canít feel through my sense of seeing,
    Though I can touch and recognize every being.
    As blind as the shores rocks, I flow into the sea,
    Wild and tempting, Iím forced to enter with glee.
    As the door opens wide, I feel the warm sunshine,
    I canít see what Iím walking into, yet knowing, this day is mine.
    A cascade of the humid air strokes my skin,
    And the scent of the wild lilies takes me in.
    For a moment I can see it all, right here, in my mind,
    Playing amongst the miracles of nature, of variety and kind.
    The summer sun merciless yet heroic, ruthless but true,
    I share this Heaven of mind, with none but you.
    My temples sing with the melody of thirsty birds,
    I imagine the Real, the Fantasy, the Absurd.
    A wild swan under the sweet honey oceans,
    An untamed whale, learning to fly with patience.
    Itís a magical world that I create,
    And yet, not one step into the real world, I take.
    Chanting the hymns of a far lost place never found,
    Perhaps amongst the stars, the clouds, perhaps underground.
    A sultry drop of rain soothes my lips, falling to my chin,
    I feel its beauty, almost, within.

    And then the cold claw soon arrives,
    Falls upon my shoulder, my heavy price,
    I sob, but no tears shall have availed,
    Now is the time, homeward, into darkness, I sail.
    Once more into the monotonous upbringing with care,
    Praying every night for my Fantasies, someone to lead me there.
    A brittle, screeching voice close to my ear,
    Speaks with evil tenderness, ďCan you hear?
    Itís time now that reality calls to you,
    Calls for Truth, Darkness, and bitter Clues.
    Youíll learn alone by touch and taste and hear and smell,
    About the flowers, fruits, Heavens and Hell.
    Itís time my boy, that you let go,
    Meet your fantasies in your dreams, once more.Ē

    comments please....

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    Wow I love every bit of it. It's very beautiful. You did such a great job on this one Arhaz.

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    Extremely H! Vltg3
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    very, very well done! this was great!

    it kept me hooked the whole way through!

    keep writing, please!

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    This was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!
    I believe this is one of your best poems ever, i just loved it, you are such a talented writer. Keep it up.

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    Bleeding amazing. Keep going.

    TEAM RAMPAGE. Formerly known as tornrose&Mali&Maranwe&Sawyer&Hodgins&Panic&Malice&Psyche&Sake

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    Thank you a lot fallenangel,marj,david and torn rose!
    you guys rule!!!

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    Well done.

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    thanks lpsk8er!

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    I love it,well done B)

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    gee ... thanks hellflame!

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